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The Name of this book is secret

Katerina Marroquin

Katerina Marroquin

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of The Name of this book is secret

The Name of this
Book is SECRET
By Pseudonymous Bosch By ~ Kateirna Marroquin
Core 2
Mrs. Crivelli Pseudonymous Bosch (his pen name), is a secretive writer, and is in fact, is known a little about, except his little hints in his book from time to time. By much searching, PB is a 44 year old white man, with traces of French from his parents. His family is very small, the only child of divorced parents since he was a baby. His birthday is November 30, 1969, born in the U.S.A, and unknown to where he currently lives now. His accomplishments to society is becoming a author and writing his series, the Secret Series, and won many book and author awards based on them. Now, though, people have suspected that Pseudonymous Bosch is really a man named Raphael Simon, but what does the author say about that? Biography ~ The Unique Stuff on PB ~ Awards and Books The Real Pseudonymous Bosch??? Citation ~ BUT YET, EVEN RAPHAEL SIMON IS AN IMPOSTER!!!! So its still unknown to whom the real author
of the Secret Series is... Summary on The Name of This Book is Secret He, strangely, has a phobia of mayonnaise, with a weird tale to go along with it. When he was a toddler, his parents had taken him to a restaurant. PB had secretly crept off in exploration of the kitchen. Apparently, he started crying because he tripped and fell, and it blurred him so much, that he fell into a huge jar of mayonnaise. He almost drowned, only to be saved by the head cook, who cleaned and returned him to his parents. Since then, he had a soft spot for cooks, and a continuing fear of mayo. What Else on Bosch? ~ "The Name of this Book is Secret" is about two children named Cassandra and Max-Ernest, who attends 6th grade at the local middle school somewhere in America. One day, Cass's grandpas, Larry and Wayne, antique collectors found a mysteriously box called the "Symphony of Smells" which Cass and Max-Ernest had came to discover that belonged to a so-called dead French Magician, Pietro, with the tale of a century-long deadly secret told in his decoded notebook, tied to a condition called synesthesia,or confusion of the senses. Later, when a boy called Benjamin Blake, with this ability, was captured by the evil society called The Midnight Sun, Cass and Max-Ernest have to help Ben before Ms.Mauvais and Dr. L, both villainous leaders who had been trying to discover Pietro's Secret, try to find it before they can, and use it in their disastrous advantage, possibly risking their life in the adventure. Characters ~ Cassandra ~ A ll year old girl protagonist, she is a prepared survivalist for any disaster or encounter , with unusual pointy ears, and considered herself as a loner, with her only friend being Max-Ernest. She is an only child, living with her mother and Grandfathers Larry and Wayne, and has a dog named Sebastian. She loves adventure and mysteries, and has a motto "Be Prepared".

Max-Ernest - A ll year old boy protagonist, Max-Ernest is a comedian, though is still a goal, due to him being also a "weirdo", and getting on peer's nerves of his constant un-humored jokes and unstopped talking. He has a condition of having a illness or cause of having constant talking. He is also an only child, and has divorced parents, who both had decided this when both could not agree on their child being named "Max" or "Ernest". His only friend is Cass, mainly very different personalities, being very outspoken and less eager for danger.

Pietro ~ A "dead" magician, with a missing twin brother, both with a ability called Synesthesia, the confusion of the senses. They both moved to Kansas City, Missouri, due to a war going on in Italy at the time. During then, they worked at a circus, but yet his twin went missing, and Pietro never did stop looking for him.

Ms. Mauvais and Dr.L ~ Both antagonist, leaders of the Midnight Sun, a evil group in search of the Secret, a powerful, well, secret to unleash a mysterious magic to possibly control the world. Both wear white gloves (for a gruesome reason) and both very dashing, yet very cold and mean, and will murder for any lead on their expedition Bosch has a blurry childhood, only known to have divorced parents, which must have created some small hatred against parents. He was an only child. His hobbies is to play chess, write his books (in resistance), travel, found by the many pictures of him being in different places in the world, mainly for book conventions and the search of the best chocolate or cheese. He may have an interest in science, due to the many post of scientific discoveries or accomplishments presently or found by himself on his blog, and as a child, loves to read everyday, all the time THE REAL PSEUDONYMOUS BOSCH??? Pseudonymous Bosch was a adult volunteer at an elementary school, and in fact would never have become PB if it wasn't for a 4th grader named May. PB was partnered with her in "Writing Partners" group, where students receive feedback and critiques from "pen pals" on their writing. One day, May sent him a cartoon on a chocolate bar being afraid to be eaten, knowing that he loved chocolate. So, he decided to dedicate a book on her, but unsure on what to call it, he named it "The Name of this Book is Secret". Bosch send her the first chapter (filled with X's), due to the chapter being secret, as May replied to why there were no words. Then it began, now Bosch started to send her every chapter of his first book, getting critiques from her on his writing. So, this lead to publishing, then to a series, and so on, to his career of a mysterious author. *THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!!! Liu, Jonathan H. "WorkStock Interview : Psuedonymous Bosch." GeekDad : Wired. N.p., 21 Mar. 2001. Web. 5 Oct. 2012. <http://www.wired.com/geekdad/2011/10/wordstock-interview-pseudonymous-bosch/>.

Bosch, Psedonymous , and Gilbet Fort. The Name of this Website is SECRET. Fly HC, 2010. Web. 2 Oct. 2012. <http://thenameofthiswebsiteissecret.com/>.

Moore, Fernanda. "Don't Read This." Chapter 16. N.p., 29 July 2011. Web. 3 Oct. 2012. <http://www.chapter16.org/content/dont-read>.

Bosch, Pseudonymous. Can You Make Sense of The Secret Series?. Little Brown Books, 2010. Web. 9 Oct. 2012. <http://www.thesecretseries.com/>. Setting Due to the such secret that the author wants to keep his stories in, he stated that there is no right setting, you can make up where the story takes place (even your neighborhood, your school, even your city). But, mainly the story evolves around a modern time small city near the coast and the forested mountains, with a middle school, Cass's and Max-Ernest's Home , and Cass's Grandpa's Firehouse, with the Magician's mysterious house. IT takes place on or near present time, mainly in the twenty-first century, starting off the story on a Wednesday.
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