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Medieval Food and Feasts

No description

Eilidh Geddes

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Medieval Food and Feasts

Medieval Food and Feasts By Eilidh Geddes
and Tegan Hannaford Food for the rich Food for the Poor Drink Feasts Eating times * Variety of different food
* Meat included pork,fowl, beef,bacon ,lamb,deer,rabbit, squirrels,wild boar,pigeons.
*Near the water salmon,herring,eels.
* Spices imported from India.
* Smoked and salted all their meat so that it lasted for three months over winter. * Simpler diet
* Ate whatever they could grow or catch
* Hardly any meat, got what little protein they could from peas and beans.
* Used a lot of herbs to make their food tastier.
* Nearly every meal included barley.
* Ate pottage instead of bread * Peasants drank ale,mead,cider and milk.
* Water was brought up from a well and sweetened with honey.
* The rich drank many types of expensive wine. The rich
* Ate four times a day
*Had their biggest meal at 10am
The Poor
* Ate three meals a day
* Ate their first meal at 5am * Highlight of the feast was a dish called a subtlety
* Used stale pieces of bread instead of plates
* Food included quail, geese,swan,pigs, deer, wild boar and pots of stew. Bibliography Middle Ages Food
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http://www.mce.k12tn.net/middleages/medievalfeast.htm Celebrations * Only the rich had feasts and celebrations.
* At times like at Christmas they had big feasts, Meat and fish of all different sorts were served, they started feasting on the 25th of december and kept feasting till the 6th of January.
* May day led to much
drinking. They drank mostly ale, mead, cider or wine for the rich. Ale and mead were made out of fermented grains.
*The rich often had magnificent feasts and celebrations made with sauces and heaps of spices, because the rich always liked strong flavours as most commoner foods were bland and boring.
*With the leftover food they would hand it out to the needy, they even sometimes invited poor people to their feasts.
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