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Cognitive Therapy

The power of cognitive psychology to manage behavioral problems

hesham ahmed

on 18 April 2012

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Transcript of Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive behavioral Therapy What is cognitive behavioral therapy CBT? look at this example ? Event
"he sees a baby" Thought
"he thinks the baby is cute" Feeling
"he feels happy" Now Look at this !! Event
"he sees a baby " Thought
"he thinks that "Babies are nothing but noice" Feeling
"he feels irritated" Behavior
"he shouts at babies" Why do i shout at babies ... i feeel terrible ... !!! Where is the problem ???? Let's look again Someone Complaints that whenever he sees babies he shouts at them Let's analyze Someone says that whenever he sees babies , he smiles Let's analyze Behavior
"he Smiles" Thought = Cognition Simply means : Whenever you experience a behavior

that lets you feel uncomfortable ...

return to the underlying thought

adjust it back to normal
"COGNITIVE THERAPY" Thank you Pre / Post test

1) Get a piece of paper and Complete this sentence from your OWN EXPERIENCE

It's annoying that whenever i (see/hear /find) ...............,I do .....................

2) Now , Write down how to fix this behavior Now let's get started and control your behavior till your mind adabts itself to the new thought "BEHAVIORAL THERAPY" Important tip:

Adjusting thoughts takes time
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