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LukeOvercoming Adversity

No description

Sandra Arnone

on 17 December 2015

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Transcript of LukeOvercoming Adversity

Overcoming Adversity by Luke Anderson
Gabriel Giffords overcame adversity in her life
What is adversity?
Even though Gabriel Giffords was shot by a gunman in 2011, she continues to serve the people.
Gabriel Giffords was born in Arizona in 1970.
She worked as an urban planner.
She won an election to the Arizona State House of Representatives in 2002.
She was elected to U.S. Congress in 2007.
Overcame adversity- faced something very hard,
struggled with it, and then got better, learned to live with the challenge.
If Gabby Giffords didn't fight to recover, her life's purpose would have been wasted.
On January 8, 2011, Jared Lee Loughner shot Giffords in the head during a meeting in Tucson.
After emergency surgery, doctors said they were hopeful for Giffords's recovery.
She goes through a daily routine of rehabilitation that involves a couple of hours of speech therapy, followed by occupational therapy and then physical therapy.
Giffords made a remarkable comeback from her injuries. She regained her ability to talk, walk and handle other everyday activities after going through a lot of rehabilitation.

Gabriel Giffords devoted her life to rehabilitation and an organization for gun control.
Former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her husband Captain Mark Kelly, returned to Capitol Hill to relaunch legislation aimed at closing loopholes in background checks for gun buyers. She has said ''stopping violence takes courage, and the courage to do what's right, the courage of new ideas. ... Now is the time to come together and be responsible. Democrats, Republicans, everyone. We must never stop fighting. Fight, fight, fight. Be bold, be courageous, the nation's counting on you.''
In January 2012, more than a year after the attempt on her life, Giffords resigned from Congress to devote her time to her recovery. ''The only way I ever served my district ... was by giving 100 percent. This past year, that's what I have given to my recovery. ''Giffords hopes one day to seek office again. She told her Congressional colleagues, ''Every day, I am working hard. I will recover and will return, and we will work together again, for Arizona and for all Americans.''
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., resigned from Congress this morning, a little more than a year after being shot in the head at close range.
"This past year my colleagues and staff have worked to make sure my constituents were represented in Congress," Giffords wrote in her letter of resignation. "But If I can't return, my district deserves to elect a U.S. Representative who can give 100 percent to the job now."
"Every day, I am working hard," Giffords wrote as she concluded her letter. "I will recover and will return, and we will work together again, for Arizona and for all Americans."
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