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Explorations in Science Teaching at ASU

Overview of introductory physics class designed to give underclassman an early teaching experience as part of the Arizona State University PhysTEC program.

Kelli Warble

on 1 October 2015

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Transcript of Explorations in Science Teaching at ASU

Explorations in Science Teaching
Offering early classroom experience for STEM underclassmen.
PhysTEC Conference
Thursday, February 5th, 2015
HS Teacher
Mathematics & Physics
16 years Title I schools
2 years public charter ASA
About Me
Modeling Instruction
Sample Lesson 1
objectionable answer to the majority of the community."
"Within the framework of a scientific theory [MODEL], observations can be interpreted in much more far-reaching ways than are possible without a theory."
Robert Karplus
UC Berkeley Physics
Alternate Discussion:
1. What is science?
2. What is reality?
3. Is science reality?
-Dwain Desbien, EMCC, Physics (Ed) PhD., mentee of Hestenes
Models vs. Scientific Reasoning
David Hestenes
Anton Lawson
contemporary of Hestenes
scientific reasoning (not modeling) is the key to understanding
students must be given opportunity to practice the true nature of science
scientists think in terms of models
models, not equations, are the basic units of knowledge
students must construct the models; teachers cannot transmit the models
The Irony
"Force Concept Inventory"
"Classroom Test of Sci. Reasoning"
Both are benchmark assessments for measuring student gains in understanding INTERNATIONALLY
Neither test is necessarily used frequently at ASU!
Kelli Gamez Warble
Trained as pre-service teacher
Workshop leader since 1997
Development team leader for Middle School Modeling
Course Development
Previously offered by School of Earth & Space Exploration (SESE)
Had not been run for several years
Re-designed SESE syllabus with physics underclassmen in mind
Changes made inspired by PER trends
Modeling Instruction/AMTA
UTeach STEP 1 course
CU Boulder LA Training
Student Outcomes
Connect with local STEM teacher
Share classroom observations to identify traits of effective teachers
Investigate suggested development of STEM ideas in K-12
Evaluate import of developing nature of science vs. science content in K-12
Course Goals
Examine Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education...
Visit local classrooms...
Nuts & Bolts
PHY 118 (introductory level); 1 credit;
15 week semester; 4 field experiences
Open to all students;
for Physics BS w/ Sec Ed Concentration
~half of participants motivated by interest rather than requirement
Fall 2012
Nature of Science v. Nature of Science Education...
K-12 Science
veterans leave the field
new teachers enter
HS physics teachers each year
of new physics teachers lack a physics degree, and
over 90%

of middle school physical science students are taught by teachers without a physical science major or certification"
ASU Physics
2012 ethnic groups
physics faculty
Legislating STEM
Indiana 1897
vote 67-0
"God created the world within the last 10,000 years."
Kansas 1999
6-4 vote
Public: 50% agree
"Dinosaurs existed millions of years ago."
Kansas 1999
Public: 80% agree
Mystery Cube
Record your (individual) observations.
Record observations shared by the scientific community.
Record your conclusion-what's on the bottom? How do you know?
Class Activity
Sample discussion points
Weeks 1 & 2
Discussion Points
How did the mystery cube activity reflect (or not) how science is practiced by scientific researchers?
Which of the 8
Engineering & Science Practices
listed in the NGSS were used as part of the mystery cube activity?
Is it possible (or desirable) to teach the Nature of Science without teaching a particular science content area? Is it possible to teach science content without using NOS practices?
Dwain Desbien

...by discussing theory, pedagogy, and practice of teaching STEM content.
...to observe teachers in practice and interact with students.
NGSS, Common Core, AZ Stds
ASU Physics
ASU Biology
Calendar & Grading
Sample Lesson 2
Comparing Lesson Styles
Classroom Video Clips
"A Private Universe",
Annenberg Foundation
Middle School Phases of Moon lesson, 9:15-11:15
Modeling Instruction
Community College Ball Bounce lesson, 0:25-3:50
Sample questions on Private Universe Clip
Sample questions on Ball Bounce clip
Sample Summary Questions on video clips
Sample Lesson 3
Restoring Science to Science Education
Pedagogical Article
Issues in Science and Technology
, Summer 2009
Reading Quiz and class discussion
Sample Quiz Questions
Thanks for your time!
15 week semester
50 minutes weekly
no class meeting during FE weeks
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