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Induction Capstone

No description

Essa Hadi

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Induction Capstone

Induction Capstone
Generation 9 Chair Agenda saroo5 team capstone Theme generation 9 Life inside AIESEC Life outside AIESEC Essa Esam Hadi
20 years old

Ahlia University
Accounting & Finance

Happy & Enjoys Social Life
Joined in April 2008

Current Position:
VP OGX 0910

Previous Positions:
OCP Salaam Program, OCVP University and Student Relations for Youth Round Table 2009

Next Position:
LCP 1011

Singapore NLDS 2008
MENA XLDS 2009 - Egypt
IC 2009 - Malaysia
Gulf Conference 2009 - Oman
MENA XLDS 2010 - Jordan

AIESEC Passionat: Organization Management
Before After "AIESEC is a new Life" (You) The members of AIESEC Manama
are extremely excited to get to know you.

So, in the (You) corner, mention:
- Who you are.
- What to do you do.
- Words that describe you.
- "AIESEC is ............. to Me"

Don't forget to stick your pictures = )!! AIESEC is Ours
AIESEC is Yours
AIESEC is Mine ROLL CALLS Get in to your teams CAPSTONE OC TEAM CApstone Facilities
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