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Halton Housing Digital First

No description

Ed Bullock

on 18 January 2015

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Transcript of Halton Housing Digital First

Delivering Services
1st Touch
Going Forward
Why here today?
Digital First at HHT
WE must be digitally included
What will this achieve?
Enhanced Business Processes
Improved Customer Access
Effective & Efficient Services
Welfare Reform
Halton Housing Trust

Did You Know?
- mobile subscriptions overtook landline subscriptions
- mobile Data Traffic exceeded voice traffic every single month
- 1bn smartphones will be sold worldwide Compares with 675m units in 2012
- mobile Internet should overtake desktop internet usage

There are now more smartphones in the UK than there are people!
Before our customers are digitally included
Aim to have 90% of customers accessing services online by 2018
Access to right information at right time in the right place
What are we going to talk about...
5 Streams

Stream Managers

Dedicated Team

Recruited Additional Resources

Mobile Working

Enterprise licence

Customer Facing Colleagues

Choice of Device

Non-Customer Facing Colleagues
Supports Trust's Priorities:

Protect Current Income

Focus Resources & Services

Reduce Cost and Drive Efficiencies
Customer Benefits

• 91% of people feel that being able to use the internet makes them feel more connected

• 81% of over 55s said being online makes them feel part of modern society

• 20% of residents now look after themselves better and know more about their health
Supports Trust Culture
Work is something you do not somewhere you go

Don't have to be in work to be at work

Did you Know?
In the UK Population of 63m -
own a smartphone/tablet

of UK adults use on-line banking

of the UK population used social networking sites last year

of youngsters aged 5 to 15 now own a smartphone

of children aged 12 to15 now own a tablet, up from 7% in 2012

of UK residents already have access to the Internet
of UK households no longer have a landline number

Our Direction
Customer Benefits

• 1 in 2 over 55s are now better in touch with friends and family

• 9 out of 10 housing staff said social interaction between residents improved

• 82% of over 55s said they save money by buying online
By April 2014
By October 2014
By April 2015
Zero Value
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