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Lets Save Water

No description

brinn higinbotham

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Lets Save Water

Lets Save Water!
Home Water Audit
During the time of the Home Water Audit, there was a plumbing problem at my house
We couldn't use a drop of water
I know how hard it is to live without water
If we continue to use our ways, this will be our everyday life.
School Water Audit
We saved 70,503 gallons per year!
It was so easy to save that much water!
We only replaced some of the aerators and still saved tons of water!
Rio Solado
- Different places = Different Macroinvertabrates
- Mud hill = There is soil under the dry top layer
-Animals= tons of animal prints.

My Botanist Adventures
I explored the Rio Salado area
Learned new things about plants
What it has to do with my backyard
Water Chemist
My team looked at water flow and studied the D.O., or dissolved oxygen levels.
Thank you for watching!
Lets save water!
hello ;)
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