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Healthcare Value Network

No description

mike stoecklein

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Healthcare Value Network

Hosted 1st Gemba Visit, 6/2009
Strategy Deployment Hosted 2nd Gemba Visit, 11/2009 Leadership In Action Hosted 3rd Gemba Visit, 4/2010
Spreading & Sustaining Improvement Hosted 4th Gemba Visit, 7/2010
Patient Pull Systems In Emergency Depts. Hosted 5th Gemba Visit, 8/2010
3P in Facilities Design & Supply Chain Management Hosted 6th Gemba Visit, 2/2011
Physician Engagement In Lean Hosted 7th Gemba Visit, 2/2011
Problem Solving Culture at the Frontline Hosted 8th Gemba Visit, 3/2011
Structure for Problem-Solving,
Team Leader Concept Hosted 9th Gemba Visit, 7/2011
Aligning and Balancing People Development & Process Improvement Hosted 10th Gemba Visit, 8/2011
One Approach to Design of a Lean Management System Hosted 11th Gemba Visit, 10/2011
Program to Meet I.O.M.'s 6 Aims Hosted 12th Gemba Visit, 11/2011
Leadership, Daily Improvement and Standard Work Hosted 13th Gemba Visit, 1/2012
The Power of Lean Daily Management Hosted 14th Gemba Visit, 1/2012
Packard Quality Management System Hosted 15th Gemba Visit, 3/2012
Inch Wide & Mile Deep, Spreading Lean in 24 Locations Hosted 16th Gemba Visit, 4/2012
Using the Shingo Model To Guide Lean
and Systemic Thinking Hosted 17th Gemba Visit, 4/2012
Transition from Individual Process & Project
Improvement to System Level Process Improvement Transparency of
performance Payment systems
that reward
patient value
creation …to create a healthcare marketplace that
rewards value by collaborating with leaders
in the provider, employer, insurer,
and government communities to create: Hosted 1st Training & Tested use of
Shingo model for Assessment, 9/2009 Hosted 2nd Shingo model training, 5/2010 First HVN Shingo Assessment, 9/2010 Hosted Post-Summit Tour & Co-Hosted 3rd Shingo Training, 6/2011 Hosted 4th Shingo Training, 9/2011 2nd HVN Shingo Assessment, 11/2011 Hosted 5th Shingo training, 10/2011 (SJMC) Hosted 6th Shingo Training, 1/2012 Hosted 8th Shingo Training, 8/2012 Hosted 7th Shingo Training, 6/2012 Hosted 9th Shingo Training, 10/2012 Hosted 10th Shingo Training, 12/2012 Hosted 18th Gemba Visit, 5/2012
Continuous Improvement Cycle:
Repeated Cycles of Use to Manage
Performance to Goals Hosted 19th Gemba Visit, 5/2012
Accelerated Lean Transformation,
Patient Experience Hosted 20th Gemba Visit, 7/2012
Application of Lean and Six Sigma
Principles at Pediatric, Acute Care
Teaching Hospital Hosted 21st Gemba Visit, 9/2012
Physician Engagement: Building &
Sustaining a Lean Culture Hosted 22nd Gemba Visit, 10/2012
Strategically Integrating & Aligning
Lean Principles & Practices Throughout
the Care Continuum Hosted 23rd Gemba Visit, 12/2012
Organizational Commitment & Culture Change
to Become a Lean Healthcare System 3rd HVN Shingo Assessment, 4/2012 (SMMC) Hosted Non-Healthcare Gemba Visits,
10/2010, 11/2011, 10/2012, 3/2013 Hosted Post-Summit Tour, 6/2012 Began Hosting CEO Site Visits, 7/2012 Cardinal Health Foundation Began Providing
Grant Money to Help Offset the Cost of
Shingo Training, 6/2011 Began Hosting CEO Site Visits in 1/2010 Will Host 1st CEO-Only Gemba Visit, 9/2013 Redesigned care
delivery with less
waste and fewer
errors Will Co-Host Supply Chain Conference &
Gemba Visit, 5/2013 Will Host 24th Gemba Visit 1/2013 Will Host 11th Shingo Training, 5/2013 Will Host 1st CEO Shingo Education, 4/2013 Will Host Non-Healthcare Gemba Visit, 3/2013 Will Host 25th Gemba Visit, 4/2013 Will Host 26th Gemba Visit, 6/2013 Will Host 27th Gemba Visit, 7/2013 Will Host 28th Gemba Visit, 7/2013 Will Host 29th Gemba Visit, 9/2013 Will Host 31st Gemba Visit, 9/2013 Will Co-Host 32nd Gemba Visit, 10/2013 Will Co-Host 32nd Gemba Visit, 10/13 Will Host 33rd Gemba Visit, 10/2013 Will Host 34th Gemba Visit, 10/2013 Will Host 35th GembaVisit, 11/2013 Will Host 36th Gemba Visit, 11/2013 Will Host 37th Gemba Visit, 1/2014 Will Host 38th Gemba Visit, 3/2014 Will Host Post-Summit Tour, 6/2013 Accelerate the
Transformation Journey For
Each Member
Organization Drive Change
In The
System Identification
and Spread
of Current
Practices Hosted Post Summit Tour & Co-Hosted 2nd Shingo Training, 6/2011 Click on the > arrow
to start this presentation
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