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Kottans.org (dark edition)

IT Jam Kottans Prezi

Julia Savinkova

on 27 May 2016

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Transcript of Kottans.org (dark edition)

Concept and history
Every course is
. Profit for teachers
- Public speaking skills
- Teaching skills
- Communication skills
- Pair programming skills
- Code reviewing skills
- Customer role skills
- New job opportunities
Final profits
Move students to the next level
About us
Home: http://kottans.org
Twitter: @kottans_org
Facebook: http://facebook.com/kottans
GitHub: http://github.com/kottans
DOU: http://dou.ua/forums/topic/10190
Every course is
. Profit for students
- Programming skills
- Experience in TDD/BDD
- Experience in pair programming
- New job opportunities
- Increase proficiency
- All courses are
- Students are w/wo experience
- Teachers are everyday practice developers
Guest coaches
and a lot of others...
Regular coaches
JS Program
- Programming with JavaScript
- HTML and CSS basics
- High level languages (CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Dart)
- Popular frameworks (Backbone.js, Angular.js, Ember.js, React.js)
- Testing of applications (Jasmine, Mocha)
- Server-side JavaScript (Node.js)
Ruby program
- Ruby Basics
- OOP in Ruby
- Metaprogramming
- Ruby gems
- RSpec
- Rake
- Rack
- Rails
- BDD in Rails
- Refactoring in Ruby
Coming soon...
Move teachers to the next level
2013-2014 - JavaScript course
2013-2014 - Ruby course
2014-2015 - JavaScript course 2.0
in progress
2014-2015 - Ruby course 2.0
in progress
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