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Kathleen High School

My day being a school counselor.

Kristen Esposito

on 9 November 2010

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Transcript of Kathleen High School

Kristen Esposito My day as a Kathleen High School counselor! Andrea Spychalsky The purpose of Mrs. Spychalsky's job is to help kids get a good education. She helps kids that are struggling accomplish more in class. The employability skills she uses in this job is:
Be on time, be prepared, and do your work. She is allowed to chew gum, drink and eat. She doesn't have a specific uniform, she just has to dress professionally. The average salary for this job is a teacher salary. ($37,000 to 57,000 per year.) She works at a level two in her job position. You need masters degree and a high school education to work in the job position. The technology she uses in this job is computers.
The skills you would need for this job is people skills, organizational skills, and time management skills. In 15 years this company could have more technology. The staff and students would have to do everything on a technology basis. In 15 years they will be more advanced in technology. What I like best about her job is that she gets to interact with students who are having trouble in school. she is able to help students do better. What I dislike about her job is how students treat her sometimes. She has to put up with students yelling at her and talking back to her. I could see myself pursuing a job in this career in the future. If I did, I would do it at an Elementary school because I like younger kids. Thanks for watching!
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