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color and fashion trend mindmap

No description

cynthia lee

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of color and fashion trend mindmap

charm others by charming
yourself Two different sides of people DUALISM Virtual Presentation of a person Jam
Exposing the shameful secret to complete oneself Bright and dark side Ung-Min Metaphysics Cynthia Modern
yet Classic Break through
to new lifestyle About regular lifestyle and new way of living. Destroy Means Renascence--Heal Yourself Betray firstly unlock the soul elegant act
of kindness break parents'
expectation: release: absorb: change a view: lead others by self control Rita Susan Du reality
and 'unreality' about the different platforms/dimensions in which one can be present reversal of the personality/role depending on the platform involved role play avatars metamorphosis simulation Time out Julie stop for a while from rushing life Scan your soul look things in different angle stop and think Go and think live animal style life channeling with life immerse in nature bad eyesight, colorful life learn from animals have fun travel pilgrimage meditation thought
practice religion yoga feel existence don't just let time passing through, seize the real moment become part of nature forest style catch beautiful moments try a candy cigarette scrawl on the wall blemish and
perfect of the same thing just surface perfect hiding under the surfact deeply thoughts Dual
Personality Gentle and Wild extremely quite Interpret
eastern traditions
in a Western way jump out own world harmony but not sameness Masculine yet Elegant different side of ladies
combine Male Strength and Female Charm Rational but Passionate focus on
boys' behaviors similarity of
Chinese character and metal constructions go hiking no lights light other's
cigarette people are playing different roles in society, no matter like it or not Mask
and Disguise Self-Reflection Emotion Personality Appearance Joyous Kelly Happiness Sadness Anger Introvert Outgoing Quiet Enjoy time spent alone Lack of social activity Like thinking Outlook Talkative Confident More organized Many social gatherings Personal Image Lifestyle Mirror Flat,shinny surface Two-Dimensional Universe Exist
Not Exist Explore the unknown Twist/Distort Live in the moment Vivienne Westwood Health Body Organisms Exercise Drugs Cure Mind Organs Golden Ratio Eukaryotic Cells Prokaryotic
Cells Bacteria/
Virus RNA DNA Animals Cell Membrane Phospholipid Bilayer Da Vinci Heart Beauty Skin Brain Beauty is
skin deep Soul Spirituality Nerves Surgery Addiction Medicine Sports Addictions Regrets Shamefulness upseting childhood doll in black tattoo mark the past engraved lines curly hair messy/curly lines bad memories self-blame smoking to get releif from stress drugs and pills libido
(sexual desire) irritating drunk pain scar Joker Why so serious? Jealousy sweet smoking let your soul speak make you tough! beautiful marks form some meaningful shapes stimulating your senses a sense of incompleteness seeking intimacy hostility flame untrust insecurity thorny exile jessie self identity no return sense of belonging? discrimination question of acceptance war religious views politics expulsion from
one's native country being labeled physical
conflict mental
conflict freedom? going back and forth between the different 'yous' alter ego desire to be something/someone else escapism from reality online platform 'reality' 'unreality' present self personality values straightforward tough straightlines pattern old thing new media
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