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Mikayla Schmidt

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of HOSA

HOSA Overview
Stay Updated

Purpose of HOSA
HOSA is considered to be the health version of DECA.
Wisconsin HOSA

Facebook page:
Gain healthcare knowledge
STAND OUT on resumes
Further develop your leadership, dedication, teamwork and social skills

Competition Rules & Uniform
Each event has different guidelines.
You can access the event guidelines ("bible") on the National HOSA website under resources.
You must read and follow all guidelines!!
Members can compete in TWO EVENTS
$70/ event

HOSA Creed
I believe in the Health Care Profession
I believe in the profession for which I am being trained; and in the opportunities that my training offers.
I believe in education.
I believe that through education I will be able to make the greatest use of my skills, knowledge, and experience in order to become a contributing member of the health care team and my community.
I believe in myself.
I believe that by using knowledge and skills of my profession I will become more aware of myself. Through fulfilling these goals, I will become a more responsible citizen.
I believe that each individual is important in his or her own right; therefore, I will treat each person with respect and love.
To this end, I dedicate my training, my skills, and myself to serve others through Health Occupations Students of America.

Kaukauna HOSA Chapter
Leadership Opportunities
- Leadership Team

- Duties

- Applications due December 18th to D109
Benefits of Being an Involved Member of HOSA
Types of Events
Why Should YOU Compete?
Future Plans
- Competitions
- Community Service
- Fund raising (Build KHS HOSA account $ )
- T-shirts
- Monthly meetings?
- Encourage new members

**start small for first year & expand every year**
Becoming a Member of KHS HOSA
- $15 dues (National HOSA Membership)
- Sign Up Sheet
- If you already paid dues (Leadership Lab Attendees) please still sign name on sheet
- Attend meetings
- Stay updated
Develop effective leadership qualities and skills
Build self-confidence, motivation and enthusiasm
Strengthen academic and technical skills
Create friendships and social networks
Participate in community service activities
Set realistic career and educational goals
Expand communication and teamwork skills
Develop workplace readiness skills
Understand current healthcare issues
Celebrate competitive events program accomplishments 
Apply for HOSA scholarships and recognitions
Travel to regional, state, and national conferences
Serve as local, regional, state, and national officers
Build their resume
Collaborate with health professionals and future employers
Seek internships in the Office of the Surgeon General and others
Health Science Events
• Health Professions Events
• Emergency Preparedness Events
• Leadership Events
• Teamwork Events
• Recognition Events
Kaukauna HOSA
National HOSA Website
"A magnificent opportunity to set yourself apart from others"
-Gail Sommerfeld
Blog Comments
How to Make a Blog Comment
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