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To Kill a Mockingbird Prezi

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Gio Gonzalez

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of To Kill a Mockingbird Prezi

To Kill a Mockingbird Prezi
By: Harper Lee Social Prejudice against other races was a very large issue during the 1930 period.
Epiphone was originally a Greek violin company that made banjos in 1923 and in the 1930's switched to guitars. Atticus Finch -Unprejudice -Caring -S enseful Scout
headstrong Jem
Passionate Mayella Ewell Cold hearted Sketchy Timid Lindsay Lohan Freddie Highmore Dakota Fanning Christopher Walken TWEETS @JEM_FINCH: Bro, WTF. Tom should've won. There was no evidence of him doin any of those 'crimes' #No #Hope #For #Humanity @Tswizzle_Robinson1: Welp, jus got convicted of some false crimes. I don't think I can make it prison. Retweet if I should escape #YOLO @RevDizzle_Sykes: MY BROTHA I'LL PRAY FOR YOUR SOUL!!! This goes out to my homebro Thomas. Thomas we miss you and may God bless you. TEN THINGS THAT SCOUT LEARNED THROUGHOUT THE BOOK. 1. Some people are made to do things they don't want to.

2. Family is important.

3.The world isn't what you think it is.

4. People can be desperate to do things.

5. You shouldn't judge a person by social status.

6. Just because you are white doesn't make you a better person

7. She learned that you should not harm something that does not harm to other people.

8. People cannot choose the skin they are put in.

9. Scout learned that race does not define a person.

10. You need to walk around in other people's shoes. I think this is a very important book to read in a person's life. It teaches many lessons to a person that they can use in the future, like to walk around in someone else's shoes.
I liked this book. It made me rethink the ways I treat people. If I could meet Harper Lee I would say thank you for being so inspiring.
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