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6 Trait Writing

Cross-curricular writing at Seaman High School

Andrew Huff

on 14 August 2013

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Transcript of 6 Trait Writing

Writing in the 2nd Quarter
Don't freak out!
Six Trait Writing
Word Choice
Sentence Fluency
Enhances the central idea
Moves the reader through text
Clear beginning and end
Transitions effectively connect different ideas
Sequencing is logical and effective
Boils down to:
Walking a reader through a process step-by-step
Walking a reader through a story from beginning to end
Word Choice
Is precise and accurate
Clearly conveys the intended message
Creates an image in the reader’s mind
Is natural and never overdone
Uses lively verbs and precise nouns and modifiers
Boils down to:
Using correct terminology
Effectively describing what the author wants the reader to see
Avoiding flowery language
Presenting Assignments
Different audiences require different types of writing.
Remind students that your assignment will look slightly different that assignments in other classes, but you are looking at the same traits.
Clearly explain what YOU will be grading for in the assignment.
Music Examples
Concert Reflection
Musician Biographies
Concert Review
Listening Journals
Science Examples
Lab reports or any analysis/conclusion paragraphs after experiments
Interview parents about family genetics & write a short reflection about what they learn
One page papers on a science career/topic related to the current unit
Math Examples
Write a detailed explanation of how you solved a problem.
Create a 'word' problem.
Write a story to accompany a given graph.
Compare and contrast a transformed function and its parent function.
Construct a step by step process for solving a linear equation with variables on both sides.
Explain how you remember the values for the basic trigonometric functions.
History Examples
History Day projects
RAFT Writing Assignments
Description of historical events
Summary of a time in history
English Examples
Personal Narratives in 5 paragraph essay format
Powerpoint slides explaining research over different aspects of Ancient Rome
Critical Analysis essays over a character from a novel read in class
Entrance essays for college applications
In Your PLCs
Each PLC should create and utilize one writing assignment for the second quarter.
In December, please email the assignment your PLC created to Broome.
If you would like to include student examples, please put them in Broome’s mailbox.
Throughout the semester, submit your top examples of student writing for publication and awards!
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