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Power Pointe: A dancer's care program

No description

gina poblete

on 11 August 2013

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Transcript of Power Pointe: A dancer's care program

Power Pointe Workshops:
self & team care wellness program

Challenges or times when we are not our BEST
Do you feel so tired at times you just want to cry?
Do you struggle balancing homework, family, extra-curriculars with your life as a dancer?
Do you feel there are days when things just don't seem to go right?
Do you sometimes feel so cranky and negative?
Do you get nervous and anxious especially before a performance?
Are there days when you just feel blah?
Ways to care for YOU!
COMMUNICATE! We all need to vent! Power Pointe gives you the space to recharge inner power and gain strength!
HSM: We are all in this together! YOU are not alone
Talks and activities for your wellness and health
Introduction to
Why is this important to me as a CVYB company dancer?
Dancing is not just about technique
For us to perform our best, inside is just as important as the outside of our bodies
We learn LIFE lessons as a dancer
We dance as a team!
It is important that each of us is happy & healthy when we dance
We need our BEST to come out! 101% always!
More than being a CVYB dancer, we are extraordinary individuals that have a positive attitude and good values!
CVYB is a special family
PP Workshop # 1:
Bodycare: Nutrition! Eat right, Live Right, dance right! Food is fuel!!
Undestanding Me: Who am I? when I am at my best?
Understanding Others: It's okay to be different
Buddy System
It's not just me but WE at CVYB
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