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Kultur Valby to CIID workshop

Mostly about Valby bibliotek

Lars Becher

on 5 August 2013

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Transcript of Kultur Valby to CIID workshop

Kultur Valby:
650.000 visitors

4 buildings and an outdoor event area
6.600 m2 indoor
3.700 m2 outdoor

1.200 annual cultural events
ranging from theater and concerts via traditional IT-education of elderly to childrens workshops and large events
Valby Bibliotek
Both staff and user organized reading-groups

Free counselling service

Digital Københavner

Citizen Service

Many students use the library to meet and study but has limited space

Citizen Service at the library offers local access to a selection of different services:

Guidance to online self service solutions and assistance in filling out digital forms

Guidance to, and issue of, NemID

Issue of passports

20% in the latest user inquiry in Valby library stated that they had used the citizen service
Open : 8.00 - 22:00
Manned: 10.00 og 19.00

In the manned hours visitors can have advice and guidance from the staff

In the unmanned hours all the materials in the library are available for citizens, who either can't visit during manned hours or those who just wish to handle themselves
Kultur Valby:
Toftegårds Plads
Valby library
Valby Cultural Center
Vigerslev library
FabLab Copenhagen

48.000 inhabitants in 2013

56.000 by 2020 as the large, old factory grounds are being converted to residential areas
Umanned open hours is a supplement to normal manned hours, making the library accessible to a larger group of the citizens
Oldest building in Valby
School for farmers children est. 1722

Library since 1917 - many
rebuilds and renovations since then
but age shows

Latest addition 2012 - Citizen Service
Residential areas are equally distributed amongst apartment housing and single family houses

About 1/5 of the total area being old factories.

Usually divided into 4 parts: central Valby, Ålholm, Sjælør and Vigerslev

Valby library lies in the middle of central Valby

Valby has a long tradition, trying to keep itself separated from the rest of Copenhagen,
being a small-town village rather
than a part of a Capital

A view that has changed over the last few years

Although the train ride is only 8 minutes, the journey to Valby from central Copenhagen seems much longer

Known for Carlsberg and Nordisk Film
Valby library is challenged by the physical layout

•How can the physical layout or other initiatives in the library promote the feeling of possibility for sharing knowledge and asking for advice between users, in both the unmanned and manned hours?

•How can the physical layout or other initiatives promote the feeling of security in a Library in the absence of staff?

•How can the library (layout, staff etc.) acknowledge tacit knowledge among users and nonusers from the local community or surrounding communities and make it explicit and useful for the community?

249.000 borrowed materials per year

8 librarians, of which 3 are childrens librarians

4 citizen service and library frontdesk employees
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