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DNA Replication

No description

Lainey Molin

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of DNA Replication

Erwin Chargaff
Chargaff's Rule
The percentages of G and C in a given DNA strand are equal.
The percentages of A and T in a given DNA strand are equal.
Rosalind Franklin
Aimed X-ray beams at DNA samples (X-Ray Diffraction) and recorded scattering pattern of the X-rays on film
This is true for all types of organisms!
The X-shaped pattern shown indicates that DNA is twisted
We call this structure a helix!
Francis Crick and James Watson
Used Franklin's patterns to deduce the 3-dimensional structure of DNA
DNA is a double helix!
Hydrogen bonds between the nitrogenous bases hold the two strands of DNA together in the center.
Adenine bonds to Thymine
Cytosine bonds to Guanine
Base Pairing follows Chargaff's Rules!
DNA Replication
DNA Replication
Two double-stranded DNA molecules result, each consisting of one old strand and one new strand.
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