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Oil Spills

What the effects are of Oil spills on the enviroment and the cost?

Charlene Doney

on 27 May 2010

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Transcript of Oil Spills


Due to Oil Spills, many animals die or their food source dies. Some animals don't even recover, and some species might become EXTINCT Animals Not Recovering from an Oil Spill over the last Ten years.

Common Loon


Harbor Seal

Harlequin Duck

Killer Whale

Pigeon Quillemont But There are few Animals who are LUCKY to survive What can we do to save them? What can we do
to prevent innocent animal deaths? Animals who did recover

Bald Eagle

River Otter

Economic Almost 20 years ago the Exxon Veldez spent $2 Billion dollars in clean-up with-in Four years. Exxon agreed to the U.S government that they would pay $900 million in Ten years. Exxon was charged with commiting an evironmental crime and had to pay $25 million. Currently, BP (British Petroleum) is spending more than $6 million a day in clean up while their oil well is leaking into the Gulf of Mexico. This all stemmed from BP's oil well, Deepwater Horizon, exploding on April 21st 2010, killing 11 men.
What ideas can we come up with to prevent Oil Spills all together? Human Each year more than 100 oil tankers offload oil in Portland, Maine. If there was an oil spill in a harbor, such as, Portland Maine, the oil would spread throughout the whole entire harbor. Oil Spills can effect human health, i.e., Drinking water, Plant life, Food Products, and may also cause illness. Ways to clean up Oil Spills

Oil absorbant pads

Suctioning Devices


Oil Dispersants

Controlled Burns

Natural methods (Waves, Currents) Citations
What would be more efficient to clean up an oil spill?
Prezi made by Charlene Doney

Information collected by Dylan H.
And Taylor P.
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