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Copy of Netiquette

No description

Carley Cordell

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Netiquette

Netiquette - What does it mean?
Respectful Communication ~ Breaking it down
Your Turn!
Students demonstrate understanding of Netiquette by creating their own example of netiquette.
Respectful Use of Technology ~
Be polite
Not only use clear grammar and punctuation, but do not say anything that could offend
Be yourself
Do not trick others into believing you are something you're not. Tell the truth!
Student Activity
Now it's your turn to create a video that demonstrates good netiquette.

This video needs to include one netiquette example.

Time limit: finished video should be no longer than 1 minute.

Upload your video to Edmodo when you're finished.
Introduction ~ Netiquette
Netiquette means etiquette on the Internet.

Having good manners while online and
having good manners while using technology devices.
You will see examples of people using technology.

You will decide whether the example showed good netiquette or bad netiquette.
What are we doing today?
Use Technology to learn information. Don't use technology to cheat.
What is...
Polite Communication
Don't interrupt others or use your cell phone when you need to be quiet.
Silence your cell phone when appropriate:
Log on to Edmodo
Ask your teacher for their group code:
Choose an Appropriate Screen Name
Example Email Message 2
Example Email Message 1
Techy Do's and Do Not's
A professional environment is more productive. Get to your point quickly.

Formal and accurate communication reduces miscommunication.

Avoid embarrassment, accusations, consequences, etc.
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