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Paris, France Exposicion Ingles

Bribz and Kelsey's CBA!

Alan Villa

on 17 March 2016

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Transcript of Paris, France Exposicion Ingles

English 4
Paris is located in France.
Which is located in Europe!
Paris is the capitol of France.
The exact coordinates of Paris: 48° 51' 24° N and 2° 21' 03 E
The region Paris is in is: lle-de-france
Paris, France
Lle-de-france is one of the wealthiest and most populated regions of the 27 administrative regions of France!
The population of the Lle-de-france is 11.7 million inhabitants!
Paris is also considered one of the "big four" global fashion capitols along with Milan, London, and New York City!
Paris is also considered one of the "big four" global fashion capitols along with Milan, London, and New York City!
Did you know that metro is the most popular/used transportation in paris?
Did you know that the metro is the
most important/used form of transportation in Paris?
The most used forms of transportation are ship navigation, major rail, highway, and air transportation.
at the beginning of the 20th century
France's population was low compared to its neighbors.
Frances population sharply increased with the Baby Boom following World War II
since the 1970's France has continued being a country of mass immigration
Did you know that the biggest form
of transportation in Paris is the
Culture in Paris
The culture of Paris concerns the arts, music,
museums, festivals and other entertainment in Paris.
A variety of landmarks are cultural icons associated with Paris, such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame de Paris, and Opera Garnier
typical western European Oceanic climate
climate is mild and moderately wet
summer days are warm with average temperatures of 15-25°c
there are a few days where the temperature rises over 30°c (90°f)
Human interactions
whenever we do anything to change the environment, that is human interaction. Paris's human interaction has mostly yo do with landmarks and major roads and skyscrapers.
Thanks -.-
In Paris, you can often find displays of art, or in this case, dancing, along the streets. here is one example:
from our initial thoughts, kelsey and i learned a lot more facts about paris. like i for example diddnt know that paris was one of the big four global fashion capitols. im glad we did our project on paris because now i know all about it and how i really want to visit one day, kelsey as well.
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