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Medieval period assignment

No description

georgia cant

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Medieval period assignment

Medieval period assignment
when did castles first appear?
Castles first appeared in Great Britain around, 1066. they appeared soon after William The Conqurer won the battle of Hastings . Also Castle like fortifications first appeared during Roman times, but following the decline of the Roman Empire, the emergence of the Saxons and the rise of feudalism, castle building flourished.
When did castles first appear
what were castles originally made for?
Castles were made to defend the country from foreign invaders and they acted as the basic tool in preserving the king's and the nobles' power over the land.
What materials where rhe 1st castles made of
The first ever material used tto builld castles was earth and timber. As you could probaly imagaine, these castles were not strong at all and could be easily demolished and desrroyed.
How many areas of the cadtle was there
medieveal castles consisted of two areas : a motte, or enclosure, and bailey, or central area. most of these structures were built on hill, or most commonly in ditches. Thsese ditches would them be covered with timber.
One way to destroy a castle
One way to destroy a castle
There are numerous ways to destroy a castle however, i will tell you about one of the grossest techiniques to make the people inside die or have to flee. Now could you just imagine being in a castle merry and and all until you hear a slight bang and then you smell something horrid. This is most likley to be the dead carcus of a cow. The attackers would would simply throw the carcus over the walls.
Where was the entertainment held?
The entertainment would be held in the common area, of castles and towns. allowing everyone to have some peace and get away from their daily lives.
Types of enetertainment in medieval period
There are many types of enetrtainment in the medieval period, including, easts, banquets, jousts and tournaments, Mystery Plays, fairs, games and sports, hunting, hawking, animal
tournaments were a very common form of entertaintment. Nobles and knights would be called down to the arena to fight. this would genrally be fencing or jousting. any person could come, even the peasants and food, musci and so on could all be present at the event.
Medieval feast!
Medieval music
How did medieval music begin?
medieval music began with small chants that often had to do with religions. the theory begind these chants then expanded taking on different parts of the modern day harmony.
Who were traboudors?
trabaudors were professional musicians that traveled from place to place. They played music, sang poems and tales to song.
Types of medieval instruments
list ofMedieval and Renaissance Instrumets
Bagpipe,Bladder Pipe,Cornamuse,Crumhorn
Kortholt,Lizard,Lute,Mute Cornett
Organetto,Percussion,Pipe and Tabor,Psaltery

Description of the Lizard
Lizard- This instrument is a perculiar s shape instrument. In order to play the lizard you have to cover the finger holes on the longer zink. The lizards tone is pleasing yet, rather foggy. It also blends well with vocals.
Description of the serpent
The serpent is another perculiar shaped instrument. It was invented in about 1590. it was used with sacred music to reeinnforce mens vocals. The serpent has 6 finger holes and it gives a depth to the choral sound. this is what is s
The serpent
This is a link on what the serpeamt sounds like when its played.

The hurdy-gurdy
This is what the Hurdy-Gurdy sounds like when played http://www.music.iastate.edu/antiqua/mp3/hurdy1b.mp3
Description of the hurdy-gurdy
The hurdy-gurdy is the first stringed instrument to which the keyboard principle was applied. nit produces sound by crank turned wheel. its sounds similar to a violin when used with single notes.
The hurdy-gurdy
How were songs performed?
most of the times somgs where performed with instruments and added vocals however, sometimes they would do accapella. this is because when they perform chants in the church, most instruments were not available.
Why was music so importanr?
music was very important for their daily lives as it lifts up their spirits. it was also a way to join their community together and for once with no discrimination included! it was also played in many special occassions so it was extremley well-known
Alnwick castle
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