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No description

Arnoldo Jimenez

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Homophones

Arnoldo Jimenez
Structure of American English
EDCI 641
Professor: Sadi Sahbazian, PhD
March 19, 2013 Win people yews the wrong word four what there trying two say, it makes they're sentence reel hard two understand. What is a Homophone? Homophones are words that sound the same, but are spelled differently and have different meanings. Homophones are important, BECAUSE... If you don't know what homophones are, this can happen... A case of the misplaced homophones Maria likes two right stories. You don't have too stay over their, because we have plenty of space over hear. We already red that book in school for times. SWBAT: Learn the definition of a homophone
Recognize the correct homophones
Correctly match homophone to meaning
Give examples of other homophones Their
They're Their Third person plural possessive adjective
Used to describe something as belong to them.
Their is nearly always followed by a noun. There Has several different uses.
1. Adverb that means the opposite of "here"
He's over there. or Stop right there.

2. Pronoun that introduces a noun or clause.
There is something strange going on. or Is there a phone?

3. Adjective that emphasizes which person.
That guy there seems to be in trouble. or Those there look good.

4. Noun that means "that place."
From there, we drove to Boston. or I'm not going in there! They're A contraction of "they are" and is often followed by the present participle (verb form ending in -ing).

They're going to be late.

Is that what they're saying?

I think they're lying.

If they're ready, we can go.

I can't believe they're not here yet! They're taking us to their new house over there. ________ taking us to ________ new house over ________. Let's try this Activity The Bottom Line The confusion between their, there, and they're occurs because the three words are pronounced in very similar ways.

If the word means "belonging to them," use their. If you're able to replace the word with "they are," use they're. Otherwise, there is only one correct answer: there. Homophone song Thank You!! Let's take a closer look Can you figure out the words? 1. hippies / some of / pipe
2. empty / Artic / stripped /
3. not front / exhale / not back
4. not on the moon / Kate / plane connection
5. nations / states / ayo
6. change color / princess / the end
7. chicken / attention / secret recipe
8. over the cuckoo's nest / season / ho ho ho
9. underage / mineral man / musical g
10. accomplishment / only two left / anatomy
11. seven / control / before the monkey does
12. hold up / worth yours / British pound
13. he/she is on one / your position / tootsie 1. peace / piece
2. bare / bear
3. side / sighed
4. air / heir
5. capital / capitol
6. dye / die
7. colonel / kernel
8. flew / flu / flue
9. minor / miner
10. feat / feet
11. seas / seize / sees
12. wait / weight
13. roll / role
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