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1st Annual e-portfolio Expo

No description

Eduardo Arias

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of 1st Annual e-portfolio Expo

Under the surface
1st Annual e-portfolio Expo
at McAuliffe Elementary
A new partnership among teachers, administrators, students , parents and local businesses to host the 1st Annual e-Portfolio Expo (1st-5th) through student led conferences.
What we all need to do:
• Assist in the event in order to improve parent attendance by at least 20%.
• Support and guide their children while developing e-portfolio.
Help organizing and promoting the event among other parents
• 100% participation of teachers in the project.
• Involvement and participation in professional development and developing of e-portfolios.
Aid in the motivation and involvement of students and parents in the event

Support to allocate resources to plan the event:
Establishing of schedule and guidelines,
Allocating of time for teacher’s training,
Allocating time for parental involvement specialist, counselors and administrative personal to participate in the program
Involvement in the overall supervision of the event
Local businesses
Participation and involvement in the event through:
Monetary resources,
Advertisement of the event or
Participate in the Exhibition boot during the event.
Description of the Event
Develop an electronic collection of their work in Reading, Math and Science
Encourage and guide the creation of student's
e-portfolio through Google Sites
Support and encourage students to develop
e-portfolios,help in the promotion of the event and assist to the Expo
Support teachers, counselors, parental involvement specialist and administrative personnel to develop the event
Local business
Sponsor the event by donating monetary resources or advertisement the event or participating with an exhibition boot.
Data-Evidenced Student Need
45% of parent attend regular parent-teacher conference
Attendance at school parent's nights is only 15%
Comprehensive needs assessment indicate the need to re-align efforts to increase student achievement and staff accountability focusing on subgroups that failed to meet AYP in 2012-2013
Proposed Process for Planning and Implementation
Administrators, CILT team and Vertical Teams plan Expo
Parents are involved through marketing and recruiting through the parental involvement specialist
Professional Development sessions for teachers
Teachers and students develop e-portfolios
Sponsors are recruited by counselors and parental involvement specialist
Potential Benefits of the Expo
Increase parent Involvement
Increases attendance
Increases graduation rates
Decreases grade retention
Improves Academic Performance
Cultivation of reliable skilled potential workers
Cultivation of potential consumers
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