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Chinese Moon Festival


kevin chang

on 16 December 2012

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Transcript of Chinese Moon Festival

Chinese Moon Festival What is Chinese Moon Festival? A popular harvest festival celebrated by many Asian countries. Stories Or Held on 15th day of the Chinese calendar or early October of the standard calender Zhongqiu Festival Food Mainland China Traditions How People in U.S. Celebrate Traditionally, family and friends gather in the evening to celebrate, eat festive fruits and mooncakes. After dinner, a visit to a public space, such as a park or shoreline and appreciate the moon. It also provides a good excuse for a barbeque gathering. Also, lanterns and candles are lit. Hong Kong Traditions Taro Mooncakes People eat mooncakes because it means one can live a long life in harmony. Mooncakes are round because it symbolizes the the full moon. Stories Houyi and Chang'e The Hare and the Jade Rabbit Overthrow of Mongol rule - People eat taro because the taro harvest occurs at the same time as Moon Festival. During the Mongol rule, the Chinese people wanted to rebel against them. Because group gatherings were banned, the Chinese people needed a way to communicate with each other. Liu Bowen asked to distribute thousands of moon cakes that had slips of paper in them. The paper was supposed to praise the longevity of the Mongol emperor, but in reality said " Kill the Mongol on the 15th day of the 8th month. - They eat taro for good luck and wealth. The Jade Rabbit pounds medicine, together with the lady, Chang'e, for the gods. Houyi and Chang'e were immortals living in heaven when Houyi killed nine of the suns. The sun birds were the sons of the Jade Emperor. He punished them by making them live on earth as mortals. Because Chang'e was sad, so Houyi found a pill that would restore them as immortals. The person could only use half of the pill. He put the pill in a box and left home. He told Chang'e not to open the box, but she grew curious and found the pill. Nervous that Houyi would catch her discovering the contents of the case, she swallowed the entire pill, and started to float into the sky from the overdose. She floated to the moon and stayed with the Jade Rabbit. Pumpkin - Eating pumpkin on Moon Festival is said to bring good health. - If people did not eat moon cakes then they would eat pumpkin - Legend says that eating melons will help cure illnesses and is called south melon in Chinese. Usually Asian Americans celebrate it the same as the Asian countries People sometimes go to Chinatown for its lively cultural exhibits and activities. Taiwan Traditions The Taiwanese people started the tradition of barbeques on Chinese Moon festival. THE END The people of China celebrate this holiday to give thankfulness for being able to live. Families usually gather together for a large feast, filled with music and dancing. This is because the full moon signifies the uniting of families. Many people burn incense at altars facing the moon. Everyone likes to make small, shaped lanterns to float down rivers or carry around the streets. Barbeques were a good way to reunite the family members or friends and they exchange moon cakes with each other as gifts or consumables. Jade Rabbit
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