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Eggs and Common Cooking Methods

Egg Cookery

julian darwin

on 26 July 2013

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Transcript of Eggs and Common Cooking Methods

Egg Cookery

Eggs can be cooked in the shell, poached, fried, scrambled, prepared as omelets or souffles
Egg Grading and Quality
AA large are the industry standard
White that doesn't spread and a yolk that rides high on the surface of the white
Egg Cooked in Shell
Check the eggs for cracks
Deep pot
Simmer Water
Don't boil
Cool quickly when done
Peel when warm
Poaching Eggs
Simmering water, seasoned with vinegar and salt.
Depth of 5 to 6 inches
Break into a cup, then add to the liquid.
3 to 4 minutes to cook
Remove with a slotted spoon.
Blot on paper towel, trim white if needed.
Frying Eggs
Heat a non-stick or well seasoned pan to 225 to 280 degrees.
Butter will sizzle when added to the pan but not brown.
Break eggs into a cup, slide into the pan.
Cook to desired degree of doneness
Scrambling Eggs
Blend the eggs until just combined.
Add liquid to enrich and soften.
Heat the pan add the fat.
Eggs should cook immediately.
Turn down the heat.
Stir to produce soft moist curds
If adding garnishes do so before they are fully cooked.
Remove form the heat while still soft
Making an Omelet
Flat style Frittata, Italian and Tortillas, Spanish
Rolled, French style or Folded, American style
Starts out like scrambles eggs and then is filled and rolled or folded
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