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What is Startupbootcamp?

A northern European start-up accelerator

sylvia Nedeltchev

on 1 September 2010

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Transcript of What is Startupbootcamp?

Startupbootcamp is part of echst global affiliate programme Startupbootcamp what is? started by Alex Farcet and Rainmaking First Friday Startup Weekend we have involved some pretty awesome mentors actually, lots of them apply by june 30th and a great idea we get to co-found and build tech-enabled companies an entrepreneur networking event, where you can grab the open mic and ask for help from the crowd in 3 min. x 3 slides. In collaboration with partners from all over the nordics, we have arranged Startup Weekend events in 7 cities in Scandinavia and the Baltics. how does it work? you have an amazing team want an intense adventure? 1. shaping 2. building how .dk/apply to gathered some 'get you going' cash some space for you you can be part of this adventure some projects that we think are fun where you will spend 3 months Startupbootcamp
Involvement and investment in www.InSilicoMobile.dk and www.Yellowman.dk.
First Friday networking events
Editing and publishing the Copenhagen [Startup Digest]
Coaching the Danish Technical University Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship graduate course
Guest lecturing on entrepreneurship at the Kaos Pilot school.
Creating and editing www.Startupdenmark.dk a resource and services site dedicated to Danish and Nordic startups.
A regular panelist for CONNECT Denmark and a member of the Danish Venture Capital Association (DVCA).
Alex is an entrepreneur, business angel, board member, startup coach and independent consultant. His projects include: Rainmaking is a partner-based company in the business of starting companies. The idea of the rainmaker is originally a Native American concept, by which the eldest tribal leaders had the distinguished job of conjuring up rain in times of drought by doing a rain dance – hence the name, "rainmaker". The name energises as it sets high expectations while maintaining playful and imaginative elements.

Find out more stuff about Rainmaking at www.rainmaking.dk/ serial entrepreneurs kick-ass developers creative business developers venture capitalists legal gurus web experts branding masterminds why we do this thank you and have a nice day with us 3. selling in Copenhagen www. and finally pitching your start-up to a room full of investors Startupbootcamp as Startupbootcamp as co-founders take 5 to 10 % equity in the start-ups
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