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In the Silence

No description

owen oneill

on 7 March 2016

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Transcript of In the Silence

In the Silence
By: Peggy S. Curry
Angus Duncan, Jimmy McDonald, Stranger.

Mountains of Wyoming.

Initial Situation:
Angus tells Jimmy to take care of sheep in the mountains.
External Conflicts
Jimmy vs. Wage:
Jimmy was taking care of the sheep because he was being paid. (Character vs. Society)

Jimmy vs. Stranger:
Jimmy had his food supply stolen by the stranger. The stranger also threatened Jimmy, that he was going to take his sheep. (Character vs. Character)

Jimmy vs. Death of sheep:
Two of Jimmy's sheep died. One to a eagle, the other to a horse. (Character vs. Nature)
Rising action
-Jimmy loses two sheep.
-Jimmy's food supply was stolen.
-Jimmy starts seeing imaginary people.
- Stranger with bloody hands appears. He tells Jimmy he wants to take his sheep.
- Jimmy bargains a prized possession of his. A silver brooch, in order for the stranger to leave him and his sheep alone.
Lessons Learned
- Hard work pays off.
- It's hard doing things alone.
Jimmy McDonald (Protagonist)
- Jimmy is a dynamic character. He changed both physically and mentally.
- He was effected by silence, loneliness, the Stranger, and wilderness.
- Words that describe him include; selfless, caring, brave, clever.
- He was 14 years old.
- Came from Scotland, to Wyoming.
- The stranger was a dynamic character, he changed his decision on taking Jimmy's sheep.
- He was affected by the silver brooch.
- Words that describe him include; demanding, obsessive, rude, selfish.
- His hands were bloody.
- Took place in the mountains of Wyoming.
- Time of day; both day and night, for about 2 weeks.
- Early 1800s to present.
- Surroundings; forest, mountains, open areas in forest.
- The silence on the mountain made Jimmy feel stressed.
- Jimmy felt stressed when two of his sheep died.
- The author let us know that Jimmy felt alone. - Angus was a mentally strong character.
- Jimmy wasn't a very mentally strong character, the silence of the mountains, and the loneliness he was feeling was getting to him.

-Jimmy always reacted by putting the sheep before himself. His priority was to keep the sheep safe.
-Angus, was shocked to see how skinny Jimmy was.
- Jimmy and Angus go up in the mountains together.
- Jimmy sets up camp to prepare for the next two weeks.
Internal Conflicts
Jimmy vs. Loneliness:
Being alone on the mountain made him feel stressed.

Jimmy vs. Commitment:
Jimmy was committed to keeping the sheep safe. This also caused him to feel overwhelmed and stressed.
Major Conflict
The major conflict in the story was between Jimmy and the Stranger, when the stranger threatened to take Jimmy's sheep.
How the conflict was solved
The conflict was solved when Jimmy bargained his silver brooch.
Authors intention
The authors intention was to reveal a specific aspect of human nature. That humans need other humans, you can't do tough things alone.
Central idea
The central idea was that Jimmy had to take care of sheep on a mountain for about two weeks.
Major Message
The major message of the story was that you can't do everything alone, we all need others for support.
Lesson learned
The lesson learned was that hard work pays off.
Point of View
Point of view
The point of view was third person limited omniscient. It was effective because it gave us an idea of how Jimmy was feeling, and also Jimmy's surroundings.
Change in point of view
- If the story was written in objective, we wouldn't know how Jimmy was feeling. We would have a better idea of his surroundings though.
- If the story was first person there wouldn't be as much detail in the surroundings of the story.
The perspective stays in third person omniscient the whole story.
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