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Listening with Attention

5th Grade Second Step Lesson 2

Annie Brumitt

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Listening with Attention

Listening with Attention
How many times can you hear the word "empathy?"
Let's start with a song!
Let's play
a game!

There were lots of people talking in other groups. How did you focus your attention on just your group members?
What did you have to do to make sure you knew what to say when it was your turn?
Listening with attention is a skill that improves with practice.
Listening with attention will help you...
Communicate Better
Get along with other people
Do well in school
Watch for all of the things Kaden does that get in the way of him listening with attention to his friend.
We're going to watch a video.
THINK about how you can tell Kaden wasn't listening with attention.
Kaden wasn't listening with attention.
TURN and TELL your partner your ideas.
It's important to treat your friends with respect. Listening with attention is a way to show we care about them and what they are saying.
How do you think Antonio felt when he realized that Kaden wasn't listening to him?
THINK about another way Kaden can listen with attention.
There are some things Kaden can do to make sure he is listening with attention. He can
focus on the words
that Antonio is saying.
TURN and TELL your partner your ideas.
As we watch the video, let's see how many "listening with attention skills" Kaden uses.
Antonio gives his friend another chance to listen with attention.
THINK about the ways Kaden showed he was listening with attention.
Do you think Antonio felt as if Kaden heard him and cared about what he said?
TURN and TELL your partner.
It also shows you care about what the other person is saying.
Listening with attention is an important skill for learning.
It's respectful.
Pretend that you are going to meet a relative from another town for the first time next week. Describe three things about yourself that you would like this relative to know before you meet. You can include things such as your hobbies and interests, your personality, and some of your favorite things.
Raise your hand if you listened to your partner well enough to accurately tell the group three things about him or her.
If you were not able to listen carefully enough to tell us about your partner, what could have helped?
How do you think people feel when you listen actively to them?
Listening with attention is a skill that helps you be respectful.
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