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No description

Nicole Sganga

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Failure

Images courtesy of FAILblog Activity Time. Language
of Failure. Good v. Bad Failure

Objective Differences

Potential Good in Failure Life's Failures. Failed sixth grade, lost every single political office he ran for (except one)...

His band lost his high school talent show to a tap-dancing act...

Over 1,000 restaurants rejected his recipe...

Passed over for an engineering job at Toyota...

Fired by a newspaper editor because he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas”...

First book rejected by 27 different publishers...

Cut from his high school basketball team... Failure. A presentation by:
Colleen Boyle, Annie Kuster, Pat Roemer,
Jason Saroni, Nicole Sganga, & Connor Toohill Categorization of Life & Failure

Google Search

Society's favorite Taboo

There is no Epic Win without an Epic Fail Qualifying Failure. ...Until he became British prime minister at the age of 62 (Winston Churchill)

...Now one of the most influential American musicians of all time (Bob Dylan)

...Proud owner of the second-largest restaurant chain (after McDonald’s), with 17,000 outlets (Harland Sanders)

...Started Honda (Soichiro Honda)

...Founded Walt Disney Studios (Walt Disney)

...Most renowned children’s author of all time
(Dr. Suess)

...Michael Jordan Personal Experience. Connor Fail Forward. Jason New Opportunity Because Sometimes It's Important
To Connect the Dots NOTRE DAME Last Forum's Lecture: Things not said on Campus
...connecting fear of RISKS to fear of FAILURE
Our Responsibility as Hesburgh-Yusko Scholars
...doing MORE because we are capable ...and share photographs that have been sitting in my hard-drive for seven months.
(Sorry, I'm a failure.) That's weird. How'd this get here? When I tried to make a film for this... Ask yourself, "What would you work on if you knew ahead of time that you would not FAIL?" Then ask yourself, "Why wouldn’t you start that tomorrow?”
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