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The Lack of Motivation Inside of the Classroom

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tiffany elam

on 29 April 2016

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Transcript of The Lack of Motivation Inside of the Classroom

The Lack of Motivation Inside of the Classroom
-Growing issue of a lack of motivation inside our classrooms today
-There are constantly new ideas on how teachers can improve their teaching methods
-Specifically in lower income public schools
The Teacher doesn't Create a Favorable Environment
How Teachers can Create a Favorable Environment
-They can convey respect for the students as individuals
-Establishing and reinforcing ground rules for the classroom
-make these rules well known
-Seating charts helps create an organized environment
-Use non-verbal cues to keep students on task and minimize discipline issues

-Motivation is something we find hard to harness
-Teachers need to help make a safe and productive environment
-Students need to meet them halfway
-Educators facilitate learning and create classroom environments suitable for learning

Student don't see the value in the course or its content
-No matter the subject matter, if student don't recognize the value there will be no motivation
-Depends on the subject being taught/student

What the Teacher can do
-Clearly articulate learning goals to add substance
-Show relevance to student's academic and professional lives
-Understand what students value, put yourself in their shoes
-Ask in writing about their personal lives
-One on one conversations

Students Suffer from Personal Problems that Affect Motivation
-Never know what your students can be going through outside your classroom
-Mental or physical health problems, substance abuse
-Indicators: Missing class, arriving late, sleeping in class, missing assignments, not communicating
-Could impact students around them
What the Teacher can do
-Observe students during other subjects or compare them to the other students
-Bipolar= very good at starting a task but their ability to finish or stay focused is poor
-Have discussions with individuals or small groups of students
-Do not penalize for honesty and vulnerability
-Not just the students fault
-Sometimes the teacher does not create a favorable environment
-Students feel supported=motivation will be enhanced
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