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Customer Preference: The Factors that Influence the Buying o

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Renz Panganiban

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of Customer Preference: The Factors that Influence the Buying o

2. What are the factors to consider in buying consumer products as to

2.1 price;
2.2 brand ;
2.3 advertisement/promotional activities;
2.4 need;
2.5 wants;
2.6 quality of the product;
2.7 quantity of the product;
2.8 consumer’s income;
2.9 referrals, family and friends; and
2.10 brand switching

3. What are the factors that turn off the customer to buy the product as to

3.1 overprice;
3.2 brand not available;
3.3 lack of advertising/promotional strategy;
3.4 not needed;
3.5 low quality of the product;
3.6 not affordable;
3.7 and brand choices not available

: There is no significant relationship among the factors when group according to respondent’s profile.

: There is a significant relationship among the factors when group according to respondent’s profile.

4. To what extent these factors affect the buying preferences of customers?
Thank you!
Problem and Its Setting
Statement of the problem
Review of Related Literature and Studies
Consumer’s taste and preferences are always influenced by consumer behavior.
Customers demand that the products they buy must meet specific grade and standard. Consumer’s wants are unlimited.
When consumers set of preferences and brands perform on them, the engagement, the purchases, and the customer satisfaction rises. Preferences are not only what people want (attributes choices) but also about the priorities they have in mind for it.
Customer Preference: The Factors that Influence the Buying of Consumer Product
1. What is the profile of the respondents according to the following variables

1.1 age;
1.2 gender;
1.3 civil status; and
1.4 monthly income

Synthesis of the Review
Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation
Research Methodology
Sloven Formula
Weighted Mean
This chapter gives the overview of the gathered data through the use of the research instruments for statistical computations. The following tables are presented including the analysis of the data and the interpretation of the results.
Monthly Income
Civil Status
Summary, Findings, Conclusion and Recommendation
Based on the study, researchers came to an idea that consumers are just as likely to purchase impulsively and by influence not only by family, friends, by advertisers and role models, but also by mood, situation and emotion, and other psychological factors.
The input-process-output model was the type of theoretical/conceptual framework used. It describes the flow of the study from the formulation of the main topic until the gathering of data that would direct to the conclusion.
The descriptive method of research was used by the researchers. This study was conducted at San Pedro College of Business Administration, KM30 Old National Highway,Brgy. Nueva San Pedro, Laguna, covering 400 respondents of San Pedro, Laguna.
Critical Value
1.5169 10
Since the Computed Value with 1.5169 x 10 -3 is less than Critical Value with 7.815, therefore the null hypotheses is accepted. This only means that the two categorical variables are independent from each other.
Based on findings, this conclude that respondents profile doesn’t affect the factors in buying consumer product. There is no significant relationship among the factors when group according to respondents’ profile.
1. For the consumers, they should widened their minds when it comes to buying decision of consumer product. They should buy the product considering all the factors that will fit to their personality and meet their satisfaction.

2. For the manufacturers, since most of the respondents are price and quality conscious, they should improve their product quality that customers will be able to meet their satisfaction on their cash spent. This will help you, manufacturers to gathered loyal customers as well as new customers that will try your product.
3. For the future researchers, they should study more about emotional intelligence to have a wider understanding that could help other people as well as themselves to handle well their emotions. Also, students who are interested enough with this topic could use this study as a reference or correlation for their own purposes. The researchers therefore suggest to the future researchers to use a standardized questionnaire for this topic.
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