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on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of DNA

What is DNA Fingerprint? The chemical structure of everyone's DNA is the same. The only difference between people (or any animal) is the order of the base pairs. There are so many millions of base pairs in each person's DNA that every person has a different sequence. This technique is able to determine whether two DNA samples are from the same person, related people, or non-related people. Scientists use a small number of sequences of DNA that are known to vary among individuals a great deal, and analyze those to get a certain probability of a match. Applications of DNA Fingerprinting:

1. Paternity and Maternity

2. Criminal Identification and Forensics

3. Personal Identification
Very early that civilization report appearance of aliens. Investigators think that aliens found in our planet a species able to change the genetic code. This enable interact and ensure the longevity of your species. We are the result. A fact that may prove this is the fact that 97% of our DNA are sequences not coded. They changed our genetic code a way that we had had the similar genetic code. The scientists think the aliens procreated with human, because scientists found skeletons and that skeletons has appearance very similar to aliens, beyond that the skeletons has a big head like aliens. After analyzing, the scientist discovered that skeletons have characteristics similar to human and similar to aliens. If this fact is really true, aliens can be a advanced evolution of us. So we can conclude that in a distant future we will be a race technologically advanced , and therefore we won’t have big muscles, neither sexual organs, we will have a big head and consequently a huge brain and higher cognitive ability. Curiosities New nucleotides identified in human DNA Cloning In the future we believe that the experiences related DNA will have plenty of importance in people's lives. Despite not knowing for sure what the importance it will have, the truth is that the human genetic code has a lot of utilities and we are still only at the beginning of the discovery of genetic sequencing.

Findings related to the human genome greatly influence medicine, and the future through DNA, it will be possible to personalize medicine and give people medication or indications of what each need according to your genetic map, increasing the benefits and minimizing side effects treatments.

DNA may be the key of the life . How much we discovered about DNA, more information we have about us and what will be our future.

However, what fascinates us most in this area is cloning. This technique has already reached incredible results and we believe these experiences in the future will be much better and more developed. The importance of DNA in the future The list of DNA nucleotides had been previously increased from four to six.
In recent years, scientists expanded that list of nucleotides from four to six. Researchers from the University of North Carolina School's medical school have discovered the seventh and eight bases of DNA.

This discovered may be possible reprogram adult cells to make them act like stem cells. It could also inform cancer research, as it could give scientists the opportunity to reactivate tumor suppressor genes that had been silenced. DNA - If DNA was read to the rate of one word to second, 8 hours a day, every day of the week, it would take a century.

- The human genome has a scale of the 800 bibles and 200 telephone lists.

- If DNA was stretch, will be possible to travel round trip the sun 600 times.

- The majority of DNA of human genome-97%- are considered junk DNA.

- 98%of human DNA is similar of chimpanzee DNA.

- Good nutrition and healthy habits are very important because it has the power to turn on or to turn off human genes.

- The human genome has base pairs.

- Due the old lock of hair discovered that the Aboriginal Australians are the descendants of the first humans to leave Africa. That old lock of hair have more than 60 000 years.

- Some investigators think that we were created by aliens. There are quite a number of advantages of cloning, some of which will be discussed here.

-It can be used to replace malfunctioning organs. For example, in case of lung diseases, an exact clone of lungs can be created and replaced. It is generally used for curing cancer.

-For couples that are incapable of giving birth to their own baby, cloning can help them realize parenthood.

-In case of cloning of plants and vegetables, it can be used to make genetically superior products that are supposedly of better quality as well. But there also some disadvantages of cloning:

- Cloning can unbalance society in a big way

- Clones would get treated as objects not as humans

-Low immunity to diseases

-Losing diversity of genes
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