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a Separate Peace Yearbook

No description

Chyna Dang

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of a Separate Peace Yearbook

The Devon School Class of ’43 Phineas”Finny”

Gene Forrester Brinker Hadley

Elwin “Leper” Lepellier Popular Students from Graduating Class These Students have really made
their place here at Devon School.
These boys are all friends and always
explored our campus. Teachers/Faculty Mr. Cadsburg

Mr. Patch-Withers

Dr. Standpole These are just some of the many
teachers and faculty that are
rememberable from Devon School. School Landmarks The famous campus tree over the Devon River A popular hobby was that students would jump from the branch that stretched over the Devon River. There was only a few incidents of injured students. Places at the Devon School Regularly occupied swimming pool Many have tried to defeat the swimming record,
but have had no success. There were rumors that someone
saw a student break the record time, but it was never proven. Popular Student Events

Students made a Winter Carnival that grew very popular among other students that many attended. This had never happened before here. The student responsible for this is Phineas “Finny”. Student Activities “Blitzball” Another creation by Finny was Blitzball. An energetic game that required agility and fast reactions. School Landmarks Marble Staircase This beautifully crafted marble staircase that left the Assembly Hall was an eye catcher when you explored the campus. School Landmarks Assembly Hall Many assemblies for the
students were held here
as well as students using
it as personal events
and projects. School Landmarks Swimming Pool The Devon School has been famous
for its wonderful swimming pool.
Also, many records were set here. School Landmarks The Gym Here, students did many sports
and activities that it became
a very popular spot.
Some even trained for the
Olympics here. School During the Seasons Nearby Beach This beach was visited by
so many people. However,
students weren’t allowed to
go here. School During the Seasons Summer Sessions Students and Faculty enjoyed
the campus very much
while there was warm weather
and beautiful sunlight out. School During the Seasons Winter Session During Winter Session,
the campus was filled
with a white blanket of
snow and students took part in
shoveling snow and even
having snow ball fights. School During Seasons Front of Campus A normal day at campus
with the summer skies
shining above us. School During the Seasons Winter Session After students assisted with shoveling snow, the Devon School took on a new look by being covered with white snow on the grounds. World Events World War II going on. During the days of Devon School,
there was a war happening in Europe.
Some students wanted
to take part and enlist
to support their country. World Events WWII soldiers moving in. Many students were interested in the many
soldiers that were driving by and moving in near
by the campus during the war. World Events Nuclear bombing in Europe While the war going on in Europe,
the U.S. unleashed a bomb
that changed the war from then on. School Events Graduation Day As we said good-bye to
our fellow students graduating,
they celebrated and made farewell
to Devon School. The Devon School Class of ’43
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