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Erin Gold's Resume

An interactive resume that allows viewers to learn a bit more about me than they would from a typical one-pager

Erin Gold

on 18 October 2015

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Transcript of Erin Gold's Resume

Erin Gold's
Narrative Resume

Dickinson College
2008 - 2012
B.A. International Studies

Computer Skills
Chapter Network Coordinator

October 2012 - December 2013
Sousse, Tunisia
October 2013 - September 2014
Amman, Jordan
Some other jobs I've had...
My first year of college I was selected by college faculty to work in Dickinson College's writing center. After participating in a 15 week tutor training course, I facilitated peer tutoring sessions that helped students develop their writing.
The summer between my first and second year of college, I worked as camp counselor at NCCS Camp Newaygo. I supervised campers ranging from
8 to 16 and taught several classes in outdoor wilderness skills, specializing in kayaking
and archery.
Intern: Arab-American Anti-Discrimination

June 2011 - August 2011, DearBorn, MI
Intern: MInistry of Political Development
Middle East and North Africa
Dickinson College is a
premier liberal arts college
that encourages its students to actively engage the wider world and challenges them to think differently and act boldly. My four years studying
International Studies
and concentrating on
the Middle East and North Africa
not only gave me a firm understanding of
foreign affairs, global economics, and Middle Eastern history
but, also instilled within me a deep-seated belief that if we are going to
solve the world's most pressing problems
we must learn to collaborate and work with each other.
I studied at AMIDEAST for two semesters, taking classes in Modern Standard and Colloquial Arabic as well as
content courses on variety of subjects
having to do with the Middle Eastern
politics and culture. I also participated
in a sociology research-based seminar
that exposed me to a variety of
research techniques.
And pushing myself to new heights...
Peru, 2014
Language Skills
Native Speaker
A little bit about me...
Born and raised in Michigan, I moved to
Pennsylvania to study how the world works at Dickinson College. My interest in the Middle East took me to Amman, Jordan to learn arabic and immerse myself in an entirely new culture.
I'm very curious and have a desire to learn about everything. I'm always asking questions and acquiring new interests.
About me
After graduation, I returned to the MENA region to try my hand at teaching English in Tunisia. I fell in love with education and learned a thing or two about the global education crisis along the way.
"Soft" Skills
Highly Empathetic
Down Right Gritty
Team Player
Active Listener
Extremely Adaptable
Let's turn your ideas into reality!
This past year found me back in Jordan working with a start-up NGO attempting to start an education revolution by equipping and empowering youth to become changemakers. In the process, I started on my own quest to change the world.
I believe...
Research Skills
During my senior year I worked closely with a professor who taught non-native English speakers academic writing; I gave short in-class lectures and lead student peer-review sessions.
English Instructor
I'm Erin...
I'm a creative detailed-oriented professional who helps organizations turn their ideas into reality. I have strong research skills and extensive experience collaborating on a broad range of projects with diverse groups of individuals. Finally, I am an excellent communicator who is solution-oriented.
1. writing is more than a means of communication, it is a way of exposing as
well as seeing into your soul
3. everyone should have access to a good education that
encourages them to make their dreams come true.
4. traveling is the best method to get to know yourself and
become the person you want to be.
5. if it's sunny out, go enjoy it and don't take it for granted. Be in awe of nature's beauty .

- Oriah, The Invitation
Avid collaborator
Conducted a feasibility study for an entirely new initiative primarily aimed at fund-raising
and awareness-raising
Researched extensively other NGO chapter networks and worked closely with the Executive
Director to develop a framework for adapting the concept to Think Unlimited's unique mission
and needs
Launched the chapter network by advertising the idea, recruiting
leadership, and developing social media platforms for groups on
three different college campuses

Provided extensive support to new chapters helping them design
their leadership structures, goals and assisting them in tailoring
their outreach strategies to their respective communities to assure
maximum support

Chapter Facebook Pages
Chapter Network Handbook
Provided fund-raising support to Executive Director by researching funding
opportunities, drafting grant proposals, and carrying out the seasonal online
fund-raising campaign

Seasonal Holiday Campaign 2014
Maintained several important Think Unlimited accounts
such as Salesforce, NetworkforGood and Facebook
Designed from scratch a presentation skills
course for the Institut Supérieur
de Finance et de Fiscalité de Sousse and
presented it in a ten week course
to university professors
Developed and taught a variety of English courses to adults and children
Taught students who qualified Access MENA Microscholarship Program, a merit-based scholarship from the US Department of
State, and created additional programming
for students to instill leadership skills

Composed official letters and statements on behalf of the committee
Designed and formulated the committee’s Gala Book, the program
featured at their Annual Benefit Gala, one of the largest and most
prestigious annual Arab-American events in the State of Michigan
January 2011-May 2011, Amman. Jordan
Met weekly with mentor, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Political Development, to discuss the region’s
as well as Jordan’s ongoing political reforms
Read reports from the UN Alliance of Civilizations and
presented verbal briefs to Secretary General
I take comfort in the fact that no matter what life throws
at me, I can always count on my steadfast belief in the importance
of travel. Traveling for me is not just about hopping in a car or getting on a plane and going somewhere to relax and enjoy the scenery; it is so much more. I can always count on traveling to allow me to quench my curiosity about new places and people as well as provide me with the chance to reflect on the life I have temporarily left behind...
Der Rheinland Germany, 2007
you must "know if you can be alone with yourself and if you truly like the
company you keep in the
empty moments."
As a result of my education and my recent work experience, I have a strong background in research.

I have used the following methods:
- Experiment Design
- Ethnographic: interviews, observation, survey
- Field research
- Personas
Problem Solving
Information Analysis
Database Management
Ability to Multi-Task
Highly Organized
Effective Communication
project Management
Detail Oriented
Strong Writing capabilities
Germany, my first real taste of independence and embracing the unexpected. From a very young age my parent took me all over the United States, however, my love for travel was born over the three months I lived there.
"When one door closes, another opens..".
Sousse, Tunisia 2012-2013
Jordan 2013-2014
Living in a land known for its beautiful doors, this phrase perfectly sums up my year in Tunisia. My time there taught me the importance of; looking out for myself, responsibility, and of course looking for the next open door
Jordan, my home away from home. A place that wrapped me in its rich cultural embrace, while simultaneously showing me who I am. This past year I have learned how to adapt to new situations and to embrace new challenges. However, the most valuable lesson I take away from my time here is to embrace what makes me different and celebrate that these pieces that make me who I am today...

good coffee should be black like a devil, hot like hell and sweet like a...Kiss
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