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The Old Man and The Feeding Crisis

No description

Stanley Cup

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of The Old Man and The Feeding Crisis

Hot Topic #5 :
Police Crack Down on the Feeders
The Situation
90 year old man(Arnold Abbott)
and 2 ministers(Nikki Rye and a 17 year old minor) were charged for what reason?
Why did they do it?
3 Brief Biographies
Arnold Abbott:
Age: 90 years
-Is in the director of the non profit club Love
-Was arrested twice for public feeding
The Aftermath:
In Florida, they are...
Albert Abbott is currently facing...
What they could do for this to work...
The three will continue...
How This Affects Us :
This Affects us because:

Reported for Feeding
This wasn't the first time this happened...
They were punished...
They had good intentions...
Afterward, on October 21, public feeding...
Our FEEDback
(Opinions) :
I feel that this is really unfair...
The law states...
Think of it this way...
Photos and Quotes about
The Situation
"I was laughing. I thought, you know, this is a sick joke, they can't stop us from feeding people." - a 17-year-old minor
Arnold Abbott prepares a casserole
Arnold Abbott making a salad
Arnold Abbott arrested for public feeding
Nikki Rye:
Age : 17
-No more info
Third person :
age: 17 years old
-he is a minor
Similar to Stanley's...
NOT specified if they are in fact feeding in an unorganized manner
They have no right to...
The fact that more cities are passing this law...
Doesn't directly apply to us...
Live the way you want to live...
Be careful with the...
Fight for your rights and what you think is right
3rd strike?
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