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Career Development Plan

presentation for Athens

Claudia Acquistapace

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Career Development Plan

Career Development Plan Claudia Acquistapace 21 February 2013 Thesis: Satellite-Based VIS/IR multispectral screening of precipitating
clouds: A case study during summer at mid-latitude Integrated Ground-Based Observing System
Applications for Climate, Meteorology and Civil Protection. L'aquila, Italy PHD THEME:
The detection of autoconversion processes in clouds
using ground-based
passive and active microwave sensors Currently open problems: Liquid water content (LWC) retrieved for: Only cloud
droplets Only drizzle Doppler spectra from high sensitivity radar MIRA systems can
give additional information concerning LWC nobody ever tried yet! Questions I will try to answer: 1) Under what conditions do cloud begin to precipitate? cloud droplets + drizzle cloud droplets before onset of precipitation 2) Is it possible to identify thresholds indicative of certain processes ( es: onset of precipitation for LWP) ? threshold for onset of precipitation? 3) Are these observations consistent with models? What I'm going to do: 1) Improve LWP retrievals in the IPT method exploiting
measurements from: cloud radar lidar/ceilometer 2)Analyse LWP values with respect to the precipitation
onset as identified from different sources 3)Analyse temporal developments of Doppler spectra
to identify the transition from cloud
to precipitation regime - searching for thresholds in higher Doppler moments Supervision team members: 1 PD Dr. Ulrich Loehnert: first supervision team member.
University of Cologne (Germany), Institute of Geophysics
and Meteorology
2 Prof. Susanne Crewell: supervisor, University of Cologne (Germany), Institute of Geophysics
and Meteorology
(Germany), Institute of Geophysics and Meteorology
3 Dr. Ana Cirisan: supervisor, University of Cologne
(Germany), Institute of Geophysics and Meteorology Secondments: Complementary training German language course level A1/1 English presentations skills course learning how to teach to children What achieved so far: Visiting Joyce to see the instruments Display spatial distributions of IWV for various scanning geometries of MWR radiometer at Joyce Get acquainted with HATPRO software How to manage mixed situations?? Organization HC(CP)2 PROJECT UNIVERSITY OF COLOGNE MWR radiometer TOPHAT Timeline Spatial distribution of IWV, LWP
Analysis of Doppler Radar Velocity Spectra
further developments in bias correction for LWP retrieval 2013
2014 2015
2016 Algorithm development
to retrieve LWP in presence of clouds and in presence of rain
ITARS and HC(CP)2 meetings COSMO.DE and HD(CP)2 models: how well is autoconversion characterized with respect to measurements?
Evaluation of results and PHD thesis 2014
2015 Sept 2007: ISSAOS-International Summer School in Atmospheric Sciences Past: my CV 2003
2009 University of Bologna: Master Degree 2009
2012 University of Pisa: batchelor degree transport and diffusion of smoke plumes officially: but basically... lot of fun with cameras, digital imaging, home made experiments Master degree in Physics (Atmospheric Physics) COLOGNE BOLOGNA home University University of Montreal Secondments:
P. Kollias Group,
Mc. Gill University, Montreal THANKS A LOT! :)
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