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Staying E-Safe

No description

Emma Youngs

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Staying E-Safe

How to stay safe online you could click onto a website that lead you to a false website and you could enter your details into a false account.
if you don't have a protected firewall on your computer.
if you go onto foreign website.
if you go to buy a product from an non-reliable site and enter your details.
if you don't look for a security protection badge on the site.
How people can hack into your personal data You could easily be tricked into telling people your personal data and information. Your personal data and information can be stolen by; people could get into the information and paperwork, like card details,bank statements, passports etc. if you tell your friends and family about details online and private information, you are at risk the information getting anywhere. YOU MUST BE CAREFUL WHO YOU TRUST. People can easily 'shoulder surf' this is where people look over your shoulder to see what you are doing and what you type in into your laptop,computer, tablet and even a smartphone. Shop
social networking
dating sites
watching TV
watching films
making presentations
checking news What do people do online? People could easily hack into your mobile when you go into a website that isn't reliable on your phone as well.
If you enter your IMEI number or even mobile number into a site that isn't secure and private and you don't know that then people could hack into your privacy settings on your phone .

Mobiles Protecting Yourself. Always make sure a site is reliable and secure
Make sure if you enter your details in a computer in a public place you do it secretly and discretely.
Always look for the security tag on a site.
make sure if you are buying something online it isn't a foreign site and you know its a trustful site.
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