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Ares God of War

No description

Dan Hawbaker

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Ares God of War

Ares God of War
Ares God of War
Traits, Weaknesses, and Trouble with Other Gods
Special Skills and Talents
Ares has common godly powers (flight, immortality, the ability to change form, teleporting, healing, superstrength, and could materialize items), but he can also shoot fireballs. Ares also has great strategy and war tactics. His most impressive power is that he can inspire soldiers, and if the soldiers kill for him, Ares gains power. Ares talents include military strategy and tactics, telling the outcome of a fight, and he has mastered many fighting and combat skills, with or without weapons.
Ares in the Trojan War
One myth about Ares is that he fought for the Trojans in the Trojan War because Aphrodite asked him to. During the battle, Ares saw Athena fighting for the Greeks, and he rushed at her. Athena simply threw a stone at his head and knocked him unconscious for a while. At another point in the war, Athena convinces a Greek soldier to throw a rock at Ares. The soldier was able to wound Ares, and it made Ares so made he went back to Mt. Olympus to complain to Zeus. Unfortunately for Ares, Zeus wouldn't help him.
By Dan Hawbaker
Ares is an olympian god who is the son of Zeus (king of the gods) and Hera (queen of the gods). His brother is Hephaestus (god of fire and metalworking), and his sister is is Hebe (goddesses of youth). Ares lives on Mt. Olympus with many of the other gods. Ares loves and is beloved by Aphrodite (goddess of beauty). Some people also believe Ares had a daughter named Alcippe. Ares is unpopular between mortals and gods, and he is mainly worshipped in Tharcia.
Ares loves the great war of battle and the slaughter of men. Ares, like most of the other gods, is immortal. He is gigantic, has unending determination, uncommon decisiveness, an almost insane fearlessness in battle, and he is aggressive. But he also has a fierce temper. Because of his temper, all the gods called him "raging Ares". Ares usually never gave anyone help, unless it involved war or fighting. Ares usually doesn't lose, unless it is against a mighty hero like Hercules or when the other gods work together.
That's All Folks!
P. S. Ares is the antagonist in a popular game series called "God of War." You play as a hero who is trying to conquer all of the Greek gods.
Mt. Olympus
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