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Copy of Plot Diagram for Reality Check

No description

Eric Resnick

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Plot Diagram for Reality Check

Reality Check by Peter Abrahams Setting and Theme Protagonist: Cody Antagonist(s): Big Lenny, Sergeant Orton, Clea's dad, Cody's dad Time: Modern Day Place: Little Bend, Colorado, Hong Kong, and Dover Academy, Vermont Conflict(s): Character v Character, Character v Nature, Character v Society, Character v Self Author's Theme(s): Character, Love, Determination, Self-discovery, Hope/Faith Symbolism: Letter- Connection to Clea/Trust Foreshadowing: Initial Situation
-break up, torn ACL, drop out of school Complication(s)
- call off search, talk on phone with Cody's dad Conflict(s)
- Clea missing, horse shot Climax
- kidnapping of Clea and Cody Suspense
- letter, discovery of cell phone Deneument/Resolution
- after Sergeant Orton and Big Lenny were put in jail, Clea and Cody reunited Conclusion
- Everyone together on
the plane ride home
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