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Building Your LinkedIn Profile

No description

Alison Asher White

on 26 August 2015

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Transcript of Building Your LinkedIn Profile

What is LinkedIn and who are its users?

What does it say about you?

• Brand personality
• Power of recognition
• Industry appropriateness
• Extent of professionalism

Who would you hire?
Individual Profiles: Profile Picture
Write a personal tagline

See that line of text under your name? It’s the first thing others see in your profile, and forms viewers’ first impression.

Key in what you think represents you professionally

Individual Profiles: Headline
Identify how you want to be contacted AND evaluated.

Only list channels and platforms that strongly demonstrate your skillsets. Ex: Personal blog, company website or social media channels
-Create an easy-to-type vanity URL and add to your email signature
Individual Profiles: Contact information
Individual Profiles: Settings
Individual Profiles: Summary
Individual Profiles: Experience
Individual Profiles: Beyond Experience
Individual Profiles: Order Sections
Finding Others: Get Connected
Strategy for LinkedIn Invitations

• Get into the habit of regularly adding people
1) Collect business cards
2) After a meeting, reach out on LinkedIn
3) Add profile link to email signature
• Customize messages that help you stand out
Finding Others: Get Connected

Join Groups:
College Alumni
SRA Alumni
Membership Organizations
Industry Associations
Networking Group

Getting Noticed: Utilize Search
LinkedIn operates much like a search engine.

Add keywords to optimize your profile – job title header, summary and job experience sections.

Where to look for keywords to apply to your profile:
LinkedIn profiles
paste job descriptions into tagcrowd.com to find optimal keywords

Getting Noticed: Utilize the Search
Getting Noticed: Utilize Search
Make sure you receive notifications!
Use the Summary section to showcase what you represent, share stories, and highlight accomplishments
Keyword hot spot for job recruiters/online searchers
You’ve got 5–10 seconds to capture their attention, make it meaningful.
Get introduced.
Let's Connect!

Don't forget to connect with your SRA Career Development team
and to complete the "Building Your Linkedin Profile" Quiz on the SRA Hub!

Volunteering work
Test Scores
Publications etc.
PPT slides/videos
Focus on:
It's easy to join!

Check out this video on how to get started.
Getting Started
Building Your Profile
FACT: LinkedIn data shows that profiles with photos are 7X more likely to get an inmail response.
Don't cut and paste your resume!
Write for the internet and mobile screen
Add rich media
Complete your profile to 100%!

Use the profile strength meter on the right of your LinkedIn profile as a guide.

Members with complete profiles will have the advantage of their LinkedIn profile appearing top of google search result.

Why Use LinkedIn?
In 2015 LinkedIn had more than 300 million users in more than 200 countries and territories
The world's largest professional network
Press play for an official LinkedIn product demo
Individual Profiles: Recommendations
Ask for meaningful recommendations
Request specifics

Build your professional brand
Explore potential career paths
Search for job opportunities
Research staff at companies
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