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Dig Into Reading/Illuminated Letters

No description

Heather Fellenstein

on 19 July 2013

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Transcript of Dig Into Reading/Illuminated Letters

Why so fancy?
What is an Illuminated Letter?
The Middles Ages
Illuminated Letters
The word illuminate means to
fill with light
An illuminated letter is decorated with paint and pictures so that it stands out from the rest of the words or text.
What are illuminated letters used for?
How were Illuminated manuscripts made?
Illuminated Letters were used to draw attention to the beginning of a book or new chapter. Since many people could not read in this time, Kings and religious leaders requested illuminated letters to help draw attention to and explain important events in history.
Illuminations were usually created by monks in a monastery.
Three different types of people were needed to make illuminated manuscripts.
The parchmenter, the scribe and the illustrator.
The Parchmenter
The parchmenter prepared the drawing and writing surface.
During the middle ages paper made from tree pulp was not available, the parchmenter was in charge of preparing animal skins that were used as a form of paper or parchment.
Illustrators added gold leaf to make the letter appear to glow with light.
The scribe
The Scribes job was to copy words and stories onto the parchment.
The scribe used different tools such as a quill made out of a sharpened bird feather and ink made out of egg whites, ashes and plants.
The Illuminator
The illuminator added decorative images called illuminations to the text.
The illuminator would make sketches onto the parchment and then color in the sketches with paint and gold leaf made from ground up plants.
Famous Illuminated manuscripts from the Middle Ages
The Book of Kells
is an illuminated manuscript Gospel book in Latin, containing the four Gospels of the New Testament.
It was created by Celtic monks in Ireland in the year 800 or slightly earlier.
Was stolen by Vikings in the 10th century but was found shortly after.
The Book of Kells is widely regarded as Ireland's finest national treasure.
Questions and movie time
Does anyone have any questions about the lesson today?
Watch me!
Craft Time
Let's make our own illuminated Letter
Materials needed: Foil paper and Sharpie Markers
Objective: Make your own illuminated letter using the first letter of your name. Add pictures into your letter of your favorite things.
Step 1: Decide on your letter and draw it on your foil paper.
Step two: Add pictures and embellishments to your letter
Step three: Outline your letter in yellow sharpie to make it glow or shine!
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