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Behind the Scenes Prezi example

No description

Ashley Zerfoss

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Behind the Scenes Prezi example

Your Name Behind the Scenes Your Topic Introduction Behind the Scenes Grab your audience's attention!

Give us a little bit of background on your topic.

Give us your thesis!

Feel free to use pictures throughout the presentation to make it interesting. Question #1 Give us a brief overview of what you wrote in response to your first research question.

List points you want to make, but don't write out everything you are going to say! Media #1 Show us a picture or a video here!

Limit your videos to no more than 1 minute.
(If the video you want to use is longer, find a specific point in the video you want to show the class!) Question #2 List what you learned in response to your second research question.

Remember: do not write out what you want to say. List your ideas! Media #2 Another picture or video goes here! Question #3 List what you learned in response to your third question! Conclusion Wrap up your ideas and restate your thesis in a new way! Any Questions? Offer your audience the opportunity to ask you a few questions!

Cite your sources here!
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