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Dragon's Bait

No description

derick wiggins

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of Dragon's Bait

The book is about Alys a 15 year old girl from a small town. It takes place in the 1600's. She lived with her father that becomes sicker each year. She was accused of being a witch. She then has a trial that was unfair and her father dies when she was said to be guilty. The family that started the case wanted her dads land. since she was the only family he had they had to get her out of the way. Her sentence was being dragons bait. Although she was bait the dragon and her had an agreement. The dragon would help her get revenge on the family and priest. Since the priest sparked the false accusations that caused her dad to have an heart attack and die.
Critical Perspectives and setting
The critical perspectives are feminist and Marxist.
Saints Toby (Alys home town)
Farm house (where Selendrile lives)
Open field (Where Alys is tied to a stake for a dragon to eat her)
Characters and key Events
Alys the main character is accused of being a witch. At first she didn't like the dragon but later on she treats him as a friend.
Selendrile is the Dragon he can turn into a dragon or any animal. He seems to always find useful items to help Alys get revenge.
Key Events
Alys is accused of being a witch for her fathers land.
Alys father dies after she was said to be guilty.
Alys meets a mysterious woman in an ally.
Both selendrile and Alys gets revenge on Atheaton (the priest).
By: Derick Wiggins
Dragon's Bait by Vivian Vande Velde
If readers wan a short book but have a lot of mystery then this book is excellent for them. If you like a feminist perspective this is also great for you. The perspective is shone when she is accused of being a witch and even if she protected herself no one cared because women have no real say.
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