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Senior Exit Speech

No description

hannah marshall

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of Senior Exit Speech

Senior Exit Speech
Present Personal Goals
How I'll get there: Action Plan
Hannah Elizabeth Marshall
Short Term Goals
"Life's like a camera.
Focus on what's important,
Capture the good times,
Develop from the negatives,
and if things don't work out,
take another shot."
Thank you for you time!

Any Questions?
Job Shadow: Maddi Hanson
Long Term Goals
Graduate High School
Start College
Graduate from College
Start Career
Get a job
Move out
Future Personal Goals
Create my own photography business
Start Family
Go to Mott Community College
Take basic and photography classes
Graduate from college
Career Pathways
5 words that describe me are:

Extracurricular Activities
2 Years in Leadership
Photography (football, basketball, softball/baseball, soccer, track, portraits, etc.)
Own photography business
Stay at home mom
Applied and have been accepted to Mott
Apply for jobs
Save money
best friends
Em and Kel
Randi, Shauri, Cole, Kaytlyn, Ally B, & Moe
My Photography
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