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90 Day Sales Plan

No description

Mark Stolte

on 14 November 2017

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Transcript of 90 Day Sales Plan

First 60 Day Activities
Review activities from first 30 days with Management

Advance Q3/Q4 deals with established Joint Execution Plan (JEP)

Build Account Influence Map for (A) Strategic Accounts

Consistent weekly prospecting and dedicated time in field; 3+ meetings per week

Align active prospects to targeted field marketing events to progress Q3/Q4 deals

Regular checkpoints OD and BDR to alignment on demand generation plan

Leverage strategic CX Assets; Journey Mapping, RME, Product demonstrations, and CX assessments

First 90 Day Activities
Building Repeatable Process
Gain understanding of client needs; build a business case that is clearly identifiable across similar accounts and replicate

Build a vertical focus and execution strategy with supporting customer success stories

Build target personas and understand personal, professional, and economic drivers

Establish strong relationships with current accounts to drive strong client references and shorten sales cycle

Develop dynamic and compelling sales pitch and supporting materials to support new business development efforts.

Preliminary Activities

Sharpen existing skills; sales plays, elevator pitch, demand generation plans, objection handling, etc.

Prioritize engagements for (A) Strategic, (B) Development, and (C) Nurture accounts

Account white spacing; Align to Oracle solutions, competitors, understand existing Oracle footprint

Leverage Sales tools i.e. Linkedin, Twitter, Hoovers to build contact map

Account research utilizing key financial reports (i.e. 10-K) to understand corporate objectives

Introductions and account review to supporting account team (i.e. ERP ASM, CX ASM, OD , CSM, Solutions Consulting, etc.)

Establish mentoring opportunities with successful ASMs

Develop vision, value, and mission statement for success

Internal Account Plan
Work with Sales Management to align on goals, objectives, and limitations

Review account goals, objectives, tasks, activities, and events

Review revenue goals to determine activity and deal targets to build the pipeline
Open/existing opportunities
Number of deals in forecast and pipeline
Number of deals closed per month
Average deal size target

Agree on focus areas for immediate impact opportunities to drive revenue in first 90 days

Territory Planning & Management

Introductions and discovery sessions with strategic (A) accounts to identify customer pain points, understand cloud roadmap, and compelling event/timelines

Begin advancing and forecasting opportunities for Q3/Q4 closure

Dedicated outbound lead generation and alignment with BDC/OD on demand generation efforts for (B) Development & (C) Nurture accounts

Utilize field marketing and partner events to engage prospects and advance sales opportunities

Establish cross departmental contacts and enable joint selling efforts with Prime ASM's

Building The Foundation:
First 30 days
The Ramp:
Days 31-90
Day 90+:
Running at full speed
Achieve quarterly targets and on track to achieve 100%+ quota for FY18

Opportunity Pipeline at 4x-5x Quota for FY19 with Q1-Q2 committed deals

Fully developed, vertical based sales strategy to secure new logos

Develop a complete system for building business cases and creating value (ROI)

Leverage internal/external relationships to shorten sales cycle for new accounts

90 Day Sales Plan
Mark T. Stolte
Applications Sales Manager
Review activities from first 60 days and restructure account plans as necessary

Close plan for 2 Committed Opportunities

Have forecasted 4 Upside Opportunities, 6 Pipeline Opportunities

Focus on building Q1-Q2 pipeline with goal 4x-5x quarterly revenue target on a quarterly basis

Continue to refine account plan and review with management at Sales Team QBR

Build repeatable process to leverage key leanings and successes from first 90 days to drive efficiency and shorten sales cycle

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