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A Farewell to Arms plot diagram

No description

Lila Gunville

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of A Farewell to Arms plot diagram

An ambulance driver in the Italian army, Lieutenant Frederic Henry, receives a devastating injury to his leg during WWI. At the hospital he resides at, he meets a nurse named Catherine Barkley. They begin spending a lot of time together and a relationship blossoms between the two.
When Catherine first meets Henry she falls head over heels for him, but he believes that love is the last thing he needs. Nonetheless, over time he realizes that he has developed a true love for her. As soon as Henry recovered from his injury him and Catherine began to travel to different cities. They would mostly go shopping, go to dinner, or stay overnight at a hotel. Soon, they began to talk about their future and the subject of a family rises. One day Catherine tells Henry that she is three months pregnant and he informs her that he has to return to the war front for another three weeks.
Even though Henry puts up a worthy fight, he is forced to desert his post. Because of fleeing, he has to live incognito. After weeks of running, he meets up with Catherine and together they flee to Switzerland. There, they begin making plans for their baby.
Henry and Catherine move into a nice cottage deep into the mountains. However, as Catherine comes closer to her due date, she begs Henry to move them closer to a nearby town so it will be more convenient to get to a hospital.
A Farewell to Arms plot diagram

By Lila Gunville
Rising Action
Falling Action
When Catherine finally goes into labor, Henry rushes her to the hospital. While there she begins to experience very painful contractions and is forced to have a c-section. When the baby is born, it comes out a still born. To add to Henry's grievance, Catherine passes away shortly after giving birth due to a hemorrhage (a rapid and uncontrollable loss of blood) leaving Henry alone and distressed.
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