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The Golden Age of Private Philanthropy in Europe

No description

Jan Kroupa

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of The Golden Age of Private Philanthropy in Europe

The Golden Age of Private Philanthropy in Europe
Philanthropic giving in the Czech Republic,
Budapest, March 2014
Jan Kroupa

In 2012:
Individual donors
EUR 100 million
EUR 60 million in reported giving
120,000 reported donors
EUR 40 million in unreported giving – at least!
Corporate donors
EUR 100 million in reported giving
17,000 reported donors
+ sponsorship ?
The overal volume of philanthropic giving doubled since 2002
The growth has slowed down substantially:
3,5 % in 2012 - barely makes up for inflation (3,2 %)
Average individual gift 2008-2012 – fluctuation EUR 475 to EUR 500
Average individual gift 2004 = EUR 430
Average corporate gift 2008-2012 grew from EUR 5,000 to 6,000
Number of donors dropped
Reported giving involves 2,5 % of economically active individuals
Low income, mid income and high income individuals contribute about the same
vs. in the US: nearly 50 % from 5 % of the most wealthy
Greatest potential in the future?

Individual donors
Rich individual donors!
Golden age of philanthropy in Europe...
Greatest challenges/bariers:
Leadership worth following!
Vision worth while sharing!
Programs worth supporting!
Stewarship worth engaging!
Good news, ideas and examples:
First major donor campaign in the Czech Republic implemented.
Bequest gifts are becomming more frequent.
Willingness to give on-line (card payment) is on a rise.
Peer to peer fundraising and sponsored event fundraising is kicking in.
Certified re-training long-term educational fundraising program is in place.
Fundraising has become a household word to most CSOs.
Thank you so much!

Jan Kroupa
Czech Fundraising Center
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