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Roles and responsibilities

No description

Rhys Gradwell

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Roles and responsibilities

There are 4 members in Coldplay, each have their own roles and responsibilities.
Will Champion is the drummer and he in charge of keeping time to the song and to direct what happens next.
Chris Martin is the lead man and his job is to engage the crowd and sing the vocals and sometimes play guitar or piano.
Johnny Buckland is the lead guitarist and its his job to play the solos and riffs in certain songs.
Guy Berryman is the bassist and its his job to keep in time with the drummer and to add depth to the songs.
All of the band work closely together as part of the way through some songs the band come together and decide what to do next.
When Coldplay play at a live gig there are many important roles and responsibilities they are split into sound and Light.
The sound people are the engineers, they set up all of the equipment including speakers, monitors, instruments and others. It's important for the sound to work as without it the songs wouldn't sound right and the gig would go wrong. Its the job of the lighting people to make sure all of the stage lighting and effects work as the lighting makes a huge difference to the performance because if you can't see them you won't enjoy it. So they set all all the lighting equipment and control it from a desk and they ask Coldplay how they want it done so its how they want it to be. Coldplay Roles and responsibilities in musical groups By Rhys Gradwell Orchestra the main roles of an orchestra are:
the conductor who decides who goes in at what time and keeps the timing of that particular piece. The London Symphony orchestra's principal conductor is Valery Gergiev.
The orchestral manager phones up the players and arranges the performances for example, the London symphony orchestra's manager is Terry Morton and he arranged everything for example, most of the players would have contracts so they had to play but if they needed a few extra violinists for example then Terry Morton would find them.
The orchestra leader does a role similar to the lead singer in a band he tells certain sections when to tune. The leader in the London symphony orchestra is Roman Simovic and he directs the orchestra. If there are also some solo parts that need to be played that it's most likely that Roman would play them.
The oboe player plays the note A for the other instruments to tune to. The London symphony orchestra's oboe player is Emanuel Abbuhl. He works closely with the leader who directs when to tune and which instruments tune.
The conductor of an orchestra links a lot with the master drummer in an african drumming group as they both direct who comes in when and is a prestigious role in the group. BTEC Band In our BTEC band the roles in our group include:
I direct how the songs are going to go and set the tempo. I also play rhythm guitar and sing lead vocals. I play a similar role to Chris Martin in Coldplay.
Rhys Nicholls plays piano and starts off some of the songs.
Charlotte Craggs plays either djembe or double bass and helps add depth to the songs.
Jimmy Bishop plays either bass or ukulele which helps to add depth to the song and can give it a more unique feel.
Penny, heather and Bethany are the backing vocalists and help to layer the song.
For example, one of the songs we do is 'The scientist' by Coldplay and we share the roles and responsibilities. Rhys Nichols plays the introduction on the piano and eveybody slowly starts to come in when I start to sing so me and Rhys nichols share the role of Chris Martin as he plays the introduction in the original. As the song progresses, the percussion starts to grow louder and Charlotte plays them louder and Jimmy, on bass, starts to play louder as does the style of the song in the original. We have changed the outro to the song to make it more original by having an extra few bars of instrumental before we repeat the final bar of the chorus to finish it off quietly. Introduction in this presentation I will be exploring the different types of roles and responsibilities in these different types of musical ensemble:
BTEC band
African drum group
For each band I will explain and link the different roles and responsibilities African drumming group The master drummer in an African drumming group is the biggest and most important role in the group. he earns the role after many years of playing. African drumming is much more a part of life in Africa and its just like our version of listening to music and plays a big role in special occasions an it is the responsibility of the performers to remember the music as it is a tradition and the music is not written down. he leads the group and does most of the drum solos. The master drummer's instrument of choice is either the Djembe or Dunun. he gives rhythm direction by doing a certain signal to show people what will happen next he shows if the tempo is going to change. This is important because if the drummers are playing at different tempos then the song will be out of time causing the song to sound bad. he organizes instrument grouping by splitting the group up so each section so there are several different rhythms going on at the same time creating a cross-rhythm. The effect of this is that it helps to layer the song. he develops the movement and the dance by giving them cues to show when the tempo will change and when to change the steps. This is important because if the dancers are out of time with the drummers then the dance will be out of time and will cause the effect of the song to be much less. Conclusion This presentation has shown me how important the roles and responsibilities of different groups are such as the contrasting differences between groups such as Coldplay and an Orchestra and how they are different in the way the songs sound and also how different the work is that goes into it for example there is a lot more sound equipment and lighting in Coldplay's performance whereas an orchestra uses more complicated instrument pieces and is a much larger group. It has also shown me the surprising similarities between some groups, such as the similarities between an african drumming group and an orchestra as they both have leaders (a conductor and a drum master) who shows them where the song is going but the cultures are completely different.
This information will be very useful to me as when I play in our band it shows us many different varieties of music and how they work, appointing a leader, being on time, working well together and making sure that everyone is rehearsing to the best of their ability. Finish.
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