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Tim Hortons

Marketing Activities

Ellen H

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Tim Hortons

Marketing in Mississauga "You've always got time for Tims"
"Always fresh. Always Tim Hortons."
"It's time for Tims" Slogans: Research: Tim Hortons needs to package products for customer convenience and safe delivery:
produce paper based soup containers, Timbit and donut boxes, carry out trays, paper bags, sugar packets, straw wrappers, and Tim Mugs
place products in boxes for delivery to Tim Hortons restaurants
ensure that company logo and slogan is printed on packaging Packaging To create a successful product that appeals to consumers, Tim Hortons has to research and plan an effective manufacturing process:
ensure government safety/health standards are met
products must undergo food safety testing program and food tasting program
employees monitor and improve food creation process
train staff in proper food handling and personal hygiene procedures
make sure product satisfies customer's demands Product Development Tim Hortons needs to be updated with changes in the coffee industry by:
researching competitive products and competitor's marketing strategies/financial circumstances
research nutritional guides and customer preferences to design a menu that satisfies these needs
find strategies to promote company and attract/maintain customers
find more environmentally-friendly ways to package products
find methods to improve food safety programs, inventory control, and employee training programs
research and approve new locations to expand company
Research team: Tim Hortons has one signature coffee flavor to distinguish itself from other competitors . The company tries to maintain its reputation for freshness and original recipes.
The logo and slogan is printed on all product packaging, Tim Horton restaurants, delivery trucks, and staff uniforms. Branding Sales To make profit, they must ensure that product quality, value, cleanliness and goood guest service standards are met:
hire staff that meets requirements to sell/promote product
staff needs to complete training program (food handling, hygiene, team relations, equipment maintenance, restaurant security etc.)
sales associates sells products, make products, and operate the cashier
designated trainer helps train employees and make sure they understand the standards
supervisors and managers set examples for other employees and run daily operations
books and records must be kept of all money transactions Physical Distribution To be able to sell product, the company must deliver them first:
deliver products on schedule from Distribution Centres to warehouses and stores
train and recruit professional truck drivers
maintain Tim Hortons trucks, Volvos, Internationals, and trains etc.
expand store locations Mission Statement:
"Our mission, in partnership with every restaurant owner and team member, is to be the industry leader through commitment to excellence in people, product quality, value, cleanliness, customer service, and community leadership." What are the marketing activities of Tim Hortons? Inventory Management Products that are manufactured are stored in warehouses until they can be delivered to stores:
hire and train warehouse employees
place/organize products on correct shelves for delivery
packing products and placing them in pallets for shipping
clean up warehouses
receive delivered products using tow moto Warehouses employees: Storage: Products are stored in warehouses until they can be delivered to Tim Hortons restaurants. Products that have already been delivered to restaurants are kept in the back of the store (e.g storage rooms) until they can be sold. Sales associates count inventory daily and record the numbers in a record book. Pricing Tim Hortons has to determine the cost of their marketing activities and amount of profit needed. Using this information, they try to create affordable prices that will satisfy customers:
research team looks at competitor's prices, pricing strategy, and financial circumstances
calculate cost of ingredients, employment fees and estimate amount of potential profit
determine target market and consumer's demographics (focusing on income)
conduct surveys to find out consumer's preferences/demands/limits
use this information to determine best price to sell product for Promotion To keep the business running and attract more customers, Tim Hortons needs to constantly find ways to make consumers more aware of their company:
advertise product on billboards, magazines, newspapers and tv
Upgrade shops, install wifi
run Tim Hortons Facebook page, Twitter, and TimmyMe mobile app
organize contests suck as the Annual Roll Up the Rim to Win contest, gift certificate give-aways, and employee scholarships Tim Hortons Competition Tim Hortons has many competitor's in the restaurant industry. All coffee and bakery stores would be direct competition, and all fast food restaurants (burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, fried chicken etc.) would be indirect competition.
The company remains successful by keeping updated about their competition's products/services, training programs, pricing strategies, promotional strategies and finances in order to improve their own business practices.
Tims Hortons refrains from degrading their competition's products or fanancial status, breaking contracts, or using false advertisement. Consumers Tim Hortons targets everyone. They want to attract customers from all cultural backgrounds, income levels and ages. The prices are affordable and products vary to capture the interest of all consumers. The company sometimes focuses more on adults with income because they purchase the most coffee and bakery items. Their commercials often targets hockey fans and Canadians. Their Tim Card advertisements are directed towards a post-secondary market. Tim Hortons also earns a lot of profit from teenagers. To keep young consumers interested, Tim Hortons has created a Facebook page, Twitter account, offered scholarships, and started installing wifi in their stores. The 4 P's of Marketing Product The items Tim Hortons sells has to satisfy the desires of the consumers or else they'll go elsewhere to get them. The menu is always evolving to prevent consumers from becoming bored. Old products remain on the menu so consumers who've developed brand loyalty can always find their favorite foods/drinks available. For example, the signature taste of Tim Hortons' coffee does not change so consumers develop brand recognition. Nutritional values are always considered when creating new recipes to meet consumer's changing needs (diets). Tim Hortons focuses on product freshness to maintain their reputation.
Activities related to product is product development, researh, branding, and packaging. Placement Tim Hortons has become Canada's biggest coffee and bakery chain. To keep business growing, it's stores are carefully selected and positioned in our cities. The main goal of placement is to find an area where many consumers have easy access and convenience. Many customers purchase from Tim Hortons because of its prescence everywhere. It is more convenient for them to enter the closest coffee shop than going out of their way to search for other franchises, which is why the company generates so much profit. The Real Estate and Development Department has to approve all locations before a new Tim Hortons can be built.
Activities related to placement are physical distribution, inventory management, and storage. Promotion One of the reason's for Tim Horton's success is their frequent advertising. Since there are so many coffee chains, competition is intense. Tim Hortons has to vigorously promote their name and increase brand recognition. Tim Hortons receives a lot of profit from their contests, such as Roll Up the Rim to Win. Contests attract attention and motivate people to purchase.
Activites related to promotion are research, packaging, and promotion. Price The majority of Tim Horton customers have a low to medium income. Prices of products have to be affordable. Many of their customers are attracted to low prices and discounts so Tim Hortons needs to satisfy this demand if they want to increase their popularity.
Activites related to price is pricing, sales, and research. Works Cited 1. Tim Hortons. "Welcome to Tim Hortons." Welcome to Tim Hortons. N.p., 2010. Web. 17 Sept. 2012. <http://www.timhortons.com/>. 3. Google. "Google Images." Google Images. Google, n.d. Web. 18 Sept. 2012. <http://www.google.com/imghp?hl=en>. 2. Paula (2012, September 17). Email interview. paula@timhortons.com Menu 4. YouTube. Dir. Hypergirl74 and Tim Hortons. Perf. Sidney Crosby. YouTube. YouTube, 25 Jan. 2012. Web. 22 Sept. 2012. <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7fKuOMo2r4>
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